How to Use a BA Crossover Patch for "Mega Man"

Download the B.A. Crossover Patch to enjoy a new version of the "Mega Man Battle Network 6" game that is a crossover between MMBN6 and "Mega Man Star Force." MMBN is a popular series of "Mega Man"-related games available on the Game Boy Advance. You can't play the patch directly on your Game Boy Advance but must instead play it with an emulator program on your computer. The B.A. Crossover Patch features new graphics, attack moves and bosses for the player to fight against.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1

Download Visualboy Advance Emulator (see References) and the B.A. Crossover Patch. If the files are in an archived file state, extract the files with a file archiver application, such as WinRAR.


Start the VBA Emulator program by double-clicking the "VisualBoyAdvance.exe" file.


Click the "File" menu in VBA and click "Open." Alternatively, press the "Ctrl+O" keys.


Browse to the location of the BA crossover patch, select it and click "Open." The BA crossover patch will now start playing. The game should display a message similar to "BA PATCH V5.4" below the Capcom logo on the first screen.

If the patch doesn't load properly, click the File menu, click "Import," click "Battery File..." and open the BA crossover file with a ".sa1" file extension. You may need to type "*" in the "File name:" box and press the "Enter" key to see the ".sa1" file. If the patch is still not loading, click the File menu, click "Load" and open the BA crossover file with a "sg1" file extension.

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