Action Replay Cheats for "New Super Mario Bros." on the DS

"New Super Mario Bros." for the Nintendo DS is a sidescrolling platform game that combines classic 2D gameplay with updated 3D graphics. Using an Action Replay device you can enter cheat codes to give yourself an advantage when playing "New Super Mario Bros." Cheat codes give you the ability to start the level with different power-ups, earn unlimited coins or play as Luigi instead of Mario.

To use an Action Replay with "New Super Mario Bros." you must first insert the device into the Nintendo DS and turn on the system. Follow the on-screen prompts to activate the Action Replay and link it to your copy of "New Super Mario Bros." Depending on your version of Action Replay, you may be asked to enter the game code, which is A2DE-77dad131. Enter the Master Code, 03807d40 ebafd8af, to use any of the following cheat codes.

Many Action Replay codes make it easier for you to complete levels without dying. Enter the code 1208b350 0000027c for unlimited invincibility in every level. To never run out of lives, enter the code 2208b364 00000063. Enter the following code to always play as Big Mario - 1208b334 0000027c
2208b324 00000003. When you play as Big Mario, you destroy all enemies by running through them and you are too big to die by falling through a gap.

If you want to play as Mario's brother Luigi, enter the code 22085a50 00000001. To play as Mario with Luigi's voice, enter the code 2208fbc4 00000001. Start every level as Fire Flower Mario by entering the code 2208b324 00000002. To start the level as Blue Shell Mario, enter the code 2208b324 00000005. Start the level as Mini Mario by entering the cheat code 2208b324 00000004. For best results use only one power-up cheat code at a time.

To unlock every world in "New Super Mario Bros." enter the following code: 02088c3c 00430043
02088c40 00430043 02088c44 00430043 02088c48 00430043. Start out every level with 99 coins by entering 2208b37c 00000063. The game allows you to keep one power-up on reserve for emergencies. To always have a Mushroom in your power-up reserve, enter 2208b32c 00000001. Enter 2208b32c 00000002 for a Fire Flower, 2208b32c 00000003 for a Blue Shell, 2208b32c 00000005 for a Giant Mushroom and 2208b32c 00000004 for a Mini Mushroom.

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