All About the Snake Game

Snake Game is one of the most popular games in the history of gaming. This game is simple and can be understood easily by a person belonging to any age group. It provides hours of challenging fun to its players and does not involve any complex interfaces.

The player controls a small snake which grows as you feed it. Once you eat the food you encounter along your path, new food will appear. The player should guide the snake towards the food and protect the snake from hitting the walls or from hitting itself. The walls of the game are made by its boundary and the boundary may change in each level. As the player advances, the snake gets longer and in some games faster simultaneously. As the snake lengthens, chances of it hitting itself rise and the game becomes more challenging. Some levels do not have a boundary and this makes the game much easier to play.

Once the game starts, there is no way to stop the snake and it will stop only when it hits itself or the boundary.

As the snake game gained popularity many variations of this game emerged. A colored version of this game was introduced and this became a hit too. The classic version of this game is the most basic one in which the player simply eats food and grows longer. Bonus food items are given periodically and the user can take those for gaining extra points. The game ends once; the snake hits itself or the boundary.

Other versions of this game feature levels and fixed number of points are to be achieved in a level and then the user is promoted to the next level. The speed of the snake increases in the subsequent levels and it gets tougher to collect the food as well as protect itself from hitting the boundary or itself.

3-D versions of the game feature a snake in a colorful background. The graphics of the game are realistic and give the player a feel of the environment in which he is playing.

This game was originally launched in the 1970s by Gremlin but gained huge popularity after it was incorporated in Nokia handsets. The simple way of controlling the snake via the number keys on a Nokia handset have greatly helped in skyrocketing it to popularity and it is surely a game which can keep one busy for hours engaged in challenging fun.

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Puzzle Games That Challenge Your Mental Skills

Puzzle games are an interesting way to keep you challenged. These games stimulate you to think, and keep you busy thinking strategically and analytically to help solve a puzzle.

Sudoku is a very famous puzzle game that challenges its players to solve a 9x9 grid with the numbers 1 to 9 bearing in mind that a number does not get repeated in a row, a column or any of the 3x3 boxes that fill the 9x9 grid. This game has various levels ranging from easy to hard, and the simplest form of the game is the 2x2 puzzle, which is suitable even for children.

Another puzzle game which can keep you engaged for hours is the Tower of Hanoi. This is a simple game that has got simple rules. You need to arrange rings from one rod to another using the least number of moves keeping in mind that a bigger ring may not rest on a smaller one and that only one ring may be moved at a time.

A Tangram puzzle is another challenging puzzle that can keep you hooked on for hours. In this game you are given a design and number of shapes. You need to recreate the design from the shapes that you have been given. This game requires the imagination of its player and some analytical thinking in order to get the design right.

Another exciting puzzle game is Reverse. The computer version of this game allows the user to place his piece on the board, following which the computer will play its turn. On the next turn, the user places a new piece on the board and all the pieces that fall in between the old piece and the new piece belonging to the computer will instantly become the user's pieces. The winner is the one who has the most pieces on the board when no more moves are possible.

Jewels Gear is another interesting puzzle game which concerns a number of jewels on a board. The goal of the player is to clear up the board by tilting it.

Hangman is a puzzle game that requires its players to guess a word, and the only hint that he/she is given are the few letters that belong to the word in question. The player can take only a limited number of measures to correctly guess the word without being hanged and losing the game. This game can be played individually as well as between two players.

Puzzle games strengthen one's ability to analyze things and to find logical solutions. They help in slowing down the aging process and is a wonderful recreational tool for those who want to spend the evening playing beneficial games.

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Evolution of Shooter Games From Real to Virtual World

Shooter games, a sub category of action games, are a wonderful way to unwind after a long day of work. Equipped with a weapon, you can freely shoot all your enemies and can choose any kind of setting depending on your mood. Various sites let you play any game you like for free and you can spend as much time as you like, killing all alien specimens, monsters, devils, or any other enemies that you may encounter. These games are fun and will definitely help in calming you down.

Many websites offer a range of shooter games for play. All you need to do is click on a game you like and the game will load by itself; no download required. Once the game loads, you can start playing and shooting at your enemies with the help of your mouse.

Although users can play solo, as one person against an army of enemies, they may also select computer controlled allies for help. Another option which the player can choose is the multi-player mode, here the user can team up with other users who are online and together they can fight against the enemies.

There are various kinds of games, like those that involve horror scenes, with monsters and zombies as your enemies; others may be hunting games, where you have to shoot at the birds that fly past you. Yet others may involve elements of stealth and you may need to brush up your skills and secretly sneak up to the villains in order to kill them. Some games offer realistic surroundings and graphics so that the player really feels that he is present in the surroundings, while other games are based on pure imagination and feature fantasy.

Another variation of shooter games allows players to move and even jump when shooting targets, unlike the common shooter games that involves a fixed position of the player allowing the player to simply move his weapon and in some game reload his ammunition.

Shooting gallery games, also known as light gun games, involve a weapon which is used to aim at the enemy on the screen, instead of a weapon; the cursor can also be used to pinpoint exactly where the player intends to shoot.

Players view the setting of the game via the character assigned to them and they may be also be given augments suitable to their character, like a rifle scope is provided when you are playing a hunting game and require a magnified view of the sky.

The player should be alert and responsive as he progresses through the game, because subsequent levels get tougher and it becomes easier for the players to get killed, and then they will have to start all over again. However, the players should always bear in mind that it is simply a game and should not allow themselves to get worked up after losing, because the main objective of playing a game is to unwind and de-stress after a long day!

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How to Play Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Introduction to Super Mario 64

Most people cannot now do without the Super Mario 64 Walkthrough. Super Mario is one of the oldest classics in the gaming world and is still as strong today as it was in the 1980's. The pretense of the game has stayed the same, Mario must rescue the princess and then is somehow transported into a different world and he has many battles to fight and challenges to contend with.

The huge change from the old platform style game of the 80's is that Super Mario 64 is in 3D. This is a huge improvement in respect of the graphics and makes the game a lot more fun and interactive. There are also many more collectables to grab along the way too.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough for finding some collectables

• Power Star: There are 150 to collect which allow you to unlock a surprise
• Coins: You need to collect 50 coins to gain an extra life
• Star Switch: In order to get these you need to press the button to make a star appear in the box.
• 1-up mushrooms: The most common collectables in the game, they can be found easily
• Super Mushroom: These make you grow to a large size
• Silver Star: You need to collect all five in order to make the star appear in the box
• Blue coins: Normally give you some health back
• Yellow Block: Smash it to reveal a surprise
• Block: Smash these to reveal another collectable
• Power Flower: collect these for a unique move

As you have gone through the Super Mario 64 Walkthrough, you should be aware that there are other collectables however this list gives you the most common ones. A collectable can be hit, smashed or collected and some collectables such as the block will reveal another collectable so be sure to pick up, hit or smash as many as you can as there are always bonuses and benefits that come with these.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough for Initial Quest

The princess has once again invited Mario to the castle for cake. His friends Luigi and Wario decide to go along, and another thing is that cake is just too good to resist even when Bowser is trying to cause trouble by trying to kidnap the princess. Upon arrival the three discover the princess is nowhere to be found. They search the castle high and low and are transpired into a different world through a large picture hanging on one of the castle walls. They then begin a journey to find the princess collecting power stars along the way.

As you make your journey remember there are power stars to unlock things along the way and win the game.

MW3 Guide - Best Perks For Your Class!

MW3 perks matter a lot for any class in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Depending on the combination of perks that you choose, you can build a much proficient MW3 class for a specific purpose, for a specific type of battle environment. So, here's a short MW3 guide for adding the right perks to three types of classes in this game.

Perks for the SMG Class

As an SMG wielder you should be running around a lot, focusing on close quarters combat. Therefore, since the gameplay of this class involves a lot of movement, Extreme Conditioning is necessary, as a Tier 1 perk. This perk allows you to sprint for twice as long, and its pro level also allows you to pass over obstacles more quickly.

As a second perk for this class there are actually three viable choices that you can make:

Quickdraw or Quickdraw Pro, for faster aim down the sight. Although this perk works best with LMGs, you can make good use of it as an SMG user. Plus, it is unlocked early, at level 4.
Assassin or Assassin Pro, because it's always best to be undetected by air support. Of course, you should then use a silencer as well.
Overkill or Overkill Pro, which will turn your character into an awesome dual-wielder. This way you can even diversify your gameplay using in one hand and SMG and in the other an assault rifle. However, it takes a while until you unlock this perk. You only become eligible for it at level 47. Many players consider this perk useless, and that you're much better with one weapon than two. I think that wielding two weapons is awesome. Whenever I use this perk, I feel like: "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum!".

And the last point in this MW3 guide regarding the SMG class is the T3 perk. A great choice is Steady Aim or Steady Aim Pro, which will improve your hip-fire accuracy, and should be very useful for the rushing type of gameplay.

Perks for the LMG Class

As perk 1 for a class based on an LMG use should be, without question, Sleight of Hand or Sleight of Hand Pro. Reloading a light machine gun takes forever. This perk will cut off 50% of the reloading time. Plus, it is unlocked at level 4 which is just convenient.

From the Tier 2 perks, Quickdraw is not a bad choice. Quick-scoping is very useful when using this type of heavy weapon, and will improve your aim and accuracy.

As a T3 perk Steady Aim should do just fine. You'll be needing that hip-fire accuracy when other players pop in front of you.

Perks for the Assault Class

The last class that I'm going to cover in this short MW3 guide regarding perks, is the assault rifle wielder. Using an assault rifle you won't be moving around a lot, and it's always best to keep a low profile. I've always played this class trying to be as stealthy as possible, so I would go for:

Tier 1: Blind Eye Pro, to be invisible and more effective against enemy air support.

Tier 2: Assassin Pro, to increase your stealth.

Tier 3: Marksman Pro, to benefit from a better eye over your enemy and for a better aim when using a scope.

I hope this short MW3 guide helps.

Anyway, if you want to become a top player in the shortest time possible, you should learn all the devious tricks of the pro players.

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Flexible Classes In Star Wars: The Old Republic

Of all the classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), The Bounty Hunter of the Empire is considered to be one of the most versatile classes in the SWTOR Universe.

The Bounty Hunter of the Empire specializes in being able to take a lot of damage while at the same time can deal out a lot of damage. The Bounty Hunter's weapons consist of flamethrowers, lasers, missiles and bombs. But there are many more. The Bounty Hunter is really an all around character that might actually rival a Jedi Knight and the Sith Warriors. Certain missions are attainable depending on how you build your character - there are many choices on building, it just depends on which missions you want to prepare for.

There are two areas of primary specialization, which are: Powertech and Mercenary. Powertech is strong on defense tactics, shielding, high-powered flamethrowers, and very thick armor. It is these specializations that make them strong in conquering large mobs.

The Mercenary has his own specialization, which is a bit different because it focuses more on tons of firepower, heat seeking missiles and blasters. It has strong armor like the Powertech. Try to use flight when possible because it gives much versatility while attacking the opposite teams. Choose your weapons well and plan of attack accordingly. You will be able to combine flight with missiles in order to stay away from melee classes. This way you won't be sitting there to get caught off guard, instead you will have an overhead view and can see down from above to see what is going on.

It is vital to understand your Class' weakness and strengths in building a strong character. Be careful about putting skill points in the wrong areas, as this will make a difference later on in your endeavors.

One of the most popular Classes will be the Jedi Knights, due to its popularity from the big screen, and it is also one of the most powerful classes in all of The Old Republic. Countless people have wielded a make belief light saber and dreamed of being a Jedi Knight. Jedi Knights are great at taking and fighting off blows from their opponents. They are also great for going solo and taking on the Sith Warrior's. I will go further into detail on the reasons a beginner would like to take on the character of a Jedi Knight, in a future article.

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Major Aspects of Mahjong Connect

Mahjong, a game native to China, has achieved popularity all over the world. Although the history of this game is not very clear, it is believed that this game was played by the elite class of China until a very long time, before it was discovered by others and became popular elsewhere in the entire world.

Traditional Mahjong consists of four players, all of whom aim to draw the tiles and discard them as early as possible in the limited number of moves available to them. A set of mahjong tiles consists of 144 pieces. Each tile has a design embossed on it and a set contains 36 character tiles, 36 circle tiles, 36 bamboo tiles 12 dragon tiles, 16 wind tiles, 8 season tiles and 8 flower tiles.

As the game gained popularity, variations of it evolved and these became a rage too. Mahjong Connect is one of the variations of this game and this game does not require four players. It consists of 140 tiles that can be arranged in ten rows of fourteen tiles each. Almost all the tiles from a traditional Mahjong set are used. The player has to play in a timed environment, but this can be disabled in some versions. The objective of the game is to eliminate the tiles by connecting two identical ones via a pathway. It is necessary to find a pathway to connect the tiles, else the move is invalid.

Another feature which is available on a computerized version of this game is the hint feature. In case, a user gets stuck he can opt for a hint, a computer generated hint is shown to the user. Some games deduct points for showing a hint or the time may be deducted in other versions. It is necessary for the player to finish the game in the allotted time frame in order to win.

This game requires strategic thinking. It requires the player to think ahead and plan his moves so that he can unlock tiles which will enable him to continue without encountering a deadlock. This calculative thinking sharpens the mental abilities of a person and research has proven that it is very helpful for those suffering from dementia.

Mahjong Connect is a wonderful game to play on any occasion. It can be played on a family picnic, on a quite Sunday afternoon with friends or when you're alone and want a way to challenge yourself mentally and have some fun; this game can truly help you have an enjoyable time.

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Magic: The Gathering Begins

Magic is a card game that was first invented by Richard Garfield, a mathematics professor and was first introduced in 1993. It was also one of the first cards collecting game and has captivated the imagination of at least 12 million people worldwide.

Magic; the gathering is a game for 2 or more players which revolves in a magical genre. It revolves on a battle of wizards using items, spells and magical creatures which are beautifully depicted in each cards to attack, defend and ultimately defeat each other. It has fairly complicated rules which make playing Magic the gathering unique strategic.

History of Magic the Gathering (MTG)

The game originated from the creative mind of Richard Garfield during his student years in the University of Pennsylvania. After finishing his doctorate degree in Pennsylvania, He became a professor in Whitman College in Washington; it is here during his professor days where his new game became a reality. With the help of play testers he employed, the rules and game play was refined and completed. The potential of the new card game was seen by Peter Adkinson who was then the CEO of the game company Wizards of the coast. After finalizing its final design and concept, the game was formally released on August 6, 1993 and it was an instant success.

The new game was quickly embraced by players of Role playing games, particularly Dungeons and Dragons. Many saw the new card game addictive and involving, it became one of the greatest in history.

The Game play

The game play of Magic the Gathering is simple and straightforward. Two or more "wizards" are engaged in a ferocious battle and each are using their own magic to defeat each other. The wizards' arsenal of spells, items and creatures are incorporated into cards which is used in the game play to defeat the enemy. This is the basic game play, there is no limit for players in each game but a battle between 3 players is much engaging.


Magic the Gathering is one of the most successful card games that has been invented, and is still gaining popularity in MTG societies that perpetuate the game. Recently, the game entered the realm of video games and has added a similar scope, but the classic card game is still preferred by millions, especially due to the trading concept of MTG which makes it adventurous and so interesting.

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Minecraft Mods - A Review

Minecraft has dominated the game world for the past few years. The game is not only fun to play because of its interesting concept of building any kind of construct that you can think of, but you can also change the details of the game or the entire game itself. To change the details of the game such as the texture or skins, you can create your own texture or skins to replace the default ones. If you want to change, delete or add new things to the game itself, you can use Minecraft mods.

Minecraft mods allow you to modify the game itself depending on the type of the mods. Mods are basically divided into three types. First of all, there are unofficial patches, which are mods that are used to fix bugs. Second, are the ones that create a whole new game, known as a total conversion, and last, are mods that give new content to the game itself, known as partial conversions. These three basic types of mods are then transformed into types that are more specific. There are mods that function to bring more specific content to the game, mods that maximize the graphics or the speed of the game, mods that give new content that was taken from another game, mods that delete the current content, mods that give a different feel to the game, mods that allow you to connect with the Minecraft world in many ways, and many more.

Basically, each of these functions differently. If you are interested in mods, you can simply install them. However, bear in mind that you should really know what you are doing, otherwise you might end up corrupting your important game data such the worlds or the copy of the game itself. You must have knowledge of how to operate an archiving program such as WinRar and how to zip and unzip files. If you think this is too difficult, at least you should be familiar with the installer program that allows you to automatically install the mods. In addition, you should also know the basic technical aspects of the installment. During the installment process, there are instructions explaining what to do next, thus, you must be able to understand the instructions. Most are in English and if English is not your first language, you can make use of translating services.

Mods are indeed very important for Minecraft fans so that they can modify their game as they have never done before. Once you install Minecraft mods properly, you can play this game with a new feel, a new setting, a new atmosphere, higher speed, better graphics and so on.

If you are interested in playing Minecraft, you can get free Minecraft account if you live in US, UK or Canada. Installing Minecraft mods is one of the exciting things you can do with this exceptional game.

Skate Games - The Popular Arcade Games

Skate games are extremely easy to play and have a set of simple rules. This popular arcade game is suitable for all age groups because of the easy rules and convenient controls. These games require a Flash player and can be played without any special download. Numerous Flash games are available for free and you can play them whenever you want.

Skateboarding games are available and the player can perform all the stunts he likes in front of a crowd which cheers him on. Some games give the player a time limit to collect a fixed number of points. The maximum points can be collected by performing the neatest tricks and this keeps the player glued till he finally wins.

Some games have realistic graphics while others are very cartoonish and will surely remind you of your favorite cartoons.

As skate games have become extremely popular there is a good chance that you will find every kind of game that you want to play. Even if you don't find it on one website, you'll surely see it on some other. These games don't have an age restriction and can be played by anyone, even if you're completely new to it.

The basic idea of a skate game is the same, no matter what game you play. You are given complete control of a skating device like roller blades or a skateboard. The environment is different for each game and you may find yourself skateboarding on a ramp or a sewage tunnel!

The rules of each game also differ and some focus on collecting points while others allow the player to perform stunts

Skate games also have races between a team and you must avoid hurdles like puddles of water in your path and also avoid bumping into other racers in order to win the race.

Ice skate games are very thrilling and you can skate on solid ice in a snowy background. You may find some of your favorite childhood characters like Mickey Mouse and others.

Even children can play skate games as the rules of the game are very simple. The attractive graphics keep children hooked to the game for hours. For older players, games with life-like graphics are also available.

Skate games are very thrilling and are sure to offer you an unforgettable adventure skating through medieval places, on the roads, or through a beach. These games will definitely keep you hooked for hours. Playing just one game gives a well needed break from work and refreshes you, so that you can continue your work fully revived.

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Crazy Taxi Games!

Taxi games can be played by a single individual. The player is given control of a taxi and must complete his mission in order to win the game.
There are many variations of this game and different settings and environments are available, so you can be sure of finding one that suits your taste.

You can control the taxi using the number keys. Some games also allow you to use your mouse to drive your taxi.

Some of the games are set up at the airport and you must manage to avoid colliding with the planes when they takeoff or land. You can get the updates on the status of the plane.

Other games focus on speed. You must maneuver your taxi around the city and avoid hitting any obstacles like trash cans, light poles and other stuff that might come in your path. You must also make sure you don't hit people while speeding.

Some taxi games are exactly the opposite of what you would encounter in real life. These games require you to hit every possible obstacle. Bonus points are given every time you bump into a street light or a trash can.

Crazy taxi games allow you to play as you wish. You must drive as fast as you can and it doesn't matter even if you drive recklessly. Make sure that you drive at top speed and collect as many points as you can. These games are very exciting and don't have any rules. So have fun!

Taxi games located in the city give you a map. You must pick interested passengers and drop them safely to their destination in order to win points. If you complete your mission within the time frame you are given you can advance to the next level.

One of the most exciting taxi games are those which allow you to steal a taxi and run. You must maintain high speed in order to escape from the police and get away with your crime. This game will surely set your pulse racing as you run from every person or car which may stop you from taking the stolen car.

Other taxi games have special features like extra powerful taxis. Some games also have taxis with super powers and these games will give you a unique experience. Some games also feature you as the passenger instead of the taxi driver and if you're not in the mood of racing a taxi, be sure to play this game.

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MW3 Guide - If You Want to Buy One, Don't Make These Mistakes

A MW3 guide can be very helpful to any player that wants to jump from average to pro in the shortest time possible. But in case you're looking for a Modern Warfare 3 guide, you should know that since the release of the game many MW3 guides were made and published, but only a few of them are really solid, and can really help you maximize your skills as a MW3 player.

To avoid ending up with a crappy, shallow, quickly thrown-together MW3 guide, here are a few mistakes that you should steer clear of.

1. Paying for a guide that doesn't come with videos. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many pictures is a video worth? I believe you understand my point. It's much better to have explanatory videos to anything. This way you are able to see clearly what you're supposed to do, what you're not doing right and most importantly, you will be able to see a pro at play, copy their moves and polish your skills properly. Needless to say, a pro MW3 guide is made by pro MW3 players and you will be able to observe how they move and how they play.

2. Paying for a Modern Warfare 3 guide that doesn't come with free updates. Almost any game that has some sort of multiplayer mode, will have at some point patches or even massive expansion packs. If this game will be enriched with a couple of new maps for example, your guide also has to come with updates for those particular maps, FOR FREE! Since you don't have to pay for any of the game updates, why should you be paying for guide updates?

3. Paying for a MW3 guide that lacks a money back guarantee clause. If the author of a guide for Call of Duty also offers a 60 days money back guarantee, it proves that they have faith in their product, and there's a high chance the guide is quite solid. So, in case it won't help your progress, you can ask for a full refund.

The last thing that I want to mention here, is not actually a mistake, but more like a point of view. If you're just a casual player that plays only a couple of matches a week, without the intention of becoming a super player, paying for a MW3 guide might not be the best use of your funds. However, even if you don't play the game much, you can still learn a lot from a MW3 guide, sharpen your skills and maximize your kill / death ratio.

Now, do you want to become a super MW3 player? Almost untouchable in every battle situation?

The best Modern Warfare 3 Guide is only a click away.

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Airplane Games Are Fun for People of All Ages and Tastes

Airplane games are one of the most loved games in the world and it is real tough to find someone who does not love to play these thoroughly entertaining games.

Very realistic too

One of the strong points of these games is that they are extremely realistic and when you play them you will start to get the feeling that you are actually flying in a real airplane. And what's even better is the fact that you have full control of all that is happening - right from taking off, to the time that you land the plane. You can control each and every aspect of flying, choosing what type of plane you desire and what altitude you wish to fly at.

Most people discover the pleasures of flying these games at a very young age. And after they make this wonderfully discovery, they are hooked for life and they just cannot resist the temptation of playing these games with airplanes.

Airplane games are for all ages

But, in case you have never played these games as a child, then you can be sure of the fact that you would love playing them, no matter if you discover them when you are quite old or very old too. This is for the plain and simple reason that when playing these games, you get the thrill of flying - and who would not love to fly an aircraft all by themselves?

In fact, it is a guarantee that you will love these airplane games so much that the moment a new airplane simulator game hits the market, you will not be able to resist it.

That flying feeling

The great thrill that comes from these flight simulator games is that they give one a feeling of flying - and people who play these games just love this feeling. In fact, if you begin playing these games at a young age, you will love them so much that you will dream of becoming a pilot and flying a real plane.

When you begin playing these games, you will be so absorbed in them that it will be hard for you to leave the game. You will be busy flying all across the globe, from one city to the next, from one airport to the other. And, you can choose from around 300 planes to fly in.

So, if you have never played Airplane games in your life, you are definitely missing out on some cool action and fun!

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Donkey Kong, the Reasons Behind Its Popularity

Dating back to 1980's, Donkey Kong was and still is a popular video game. The video game is premised on only a few characters including the gorilla, a plumber and a kidnapped blonde. Additionally, there are multiple barrels that form part of the game's core. The game was release by Nintendo in 1981 to respond to the arcade craze that had gripped the market then. Unlike the games then where the plot was more of the same, Donkey Kong offered something new when it was introduced. The normal 'shoot me, I shoot you' path was one that it opted not to take. The game offered a well thought of storyline that made it interesting and catchy. The jump-man, who is the gaming hero, has an obligation of rescuing a lady from a gigantic ape known as Donkey Kong. Later on, the hero and ape came to be the lead Nintendo characters. A number of variations of the game were released. However, playing it took a general approach.

Playing the game

Basically, playing the game borrows a lot from its original form.

Firstly, the player, who happens to be the hero, starts at a building's bottom. It is on top of this building that the gorilla has ascended. The player is expected to go up to where Paulina is being held by the gorilla. Generally, the player can move left and right, ascend and descend a ladder, jump over the barrel obstacles as Donkey Kong throws them at him/her or alternatively use a hammer to crash the obstacles. The randomness of these barrels keeps the tension high and as such makes the game quite interesting. When the player gets to the top and rescues the girl, the first level of the game is deemed as complete.

Secondly, the second level opens when the gorilla once again snatches the girl from the player. Generally, the second level is much more challenging than level two. As the player progresses from one level to another, so does the complexity of the game rise and hence making it more and more challenging.

During gameplay, the player has options to pick items for Paulina and as such earn extra points. Generally, the kind of level progression and sequential approach adopted in the game makes it not only interesting but also addictive. In essence, this can be said to be the main reason behind the game success within the video gaming market.

SWTOR Leveling Tips: Solo or Group Leveling?

So you want to get to level 50 fast. Sure, you love listening to the cinematic sequences BioWare has put into the game but there's no way you could do that for every quest on every character.

You're a space bar kinda guy or gal and, hey, I understand. I'm the same way.

There's a debate raging over which is better: solo or group questing. This article is an attempt to inform the reader on which one is faster, not necessarily which is better (as that is a very subjective thing to consider).

The Tip: Don't Level In A Group

Sure, in a group you *might* be able to clear content faster but, overall, you're going to end up waiting on them. If they need to go to the bathroom? You get stuck waiting. If they need food? You're the one sitting there counting your credits. I would recommend that everyone level primarily alone. When you need to do a heroic, flashpoint or warzone go ahead and consider that a break from leveling because, while you certainly are gaining experience (and a good deal at that), you are giving up control of your time.

Always remember that -- when you join a group your time is now their time and their time is now your time. You are linked for as long as you are grouped.

When I was leveling my last character I stopped every 30-45 minutes and played a warzone. I wasn't exactly speed leveling but, let me tell you, it sure did break up the grind of questing. When I reached the level for a new flashpoint I usually did it three times. This gets me ahead in level (something very important to get into the habit of doing) and, again, breaks up the grind of questing.

There are, of course, some pros to leveling in a group. You're able to clear content fast and, let's be honest, we bought SWTOR so that we could interact with other players. In those senses group leveling might be better for you. However if you're concerned with speed there's no doubt -- solo questing is better. You have no-one to wait on and, as long as you follow the pattern of being at least on par with your planet level range you shouldn't have too much trouble clearing content quickly.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Do you want to have an interactive experience or a fast experience?

If you enjoyed reading this tip and want to discover more tips and tricks like these including my #1 tip for leveling in Star Wars: The Old Republic you have to check out my page here and watch this video!

Laser Tag - An Exciting Game For Family And Friends

Laser tag is an arcade style game that is popular with kids and adults alike. Many kids' birthday parties are also based on this theme. The game basically consists of scoring points by 'tagging' opponents using laser beams. These beams are emitted by hand held infrared devices. The players also need to wear jackets having infrared target readers that keep score about the number of times one has been tagged. The winner is the one that has been tagged the least number of times, though, rate of fire, amounts of lives and other such parameters are used for varying game play and declaring the winner.

Laser tag is a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors; but players find it especially exciting to play in dark rooms having different colored lights, fog and a space or military themes. Arcade owners of the this facility also use boxes, podiums, and several raised places for the players to hide and surprise their opponents. All these effects are known to add excitement to the game.

Based on the technology and applications of the game systems, the game play and mechanics can differ widely. The quality of the game also depends on the hardware, embedded software and also on the communication systems that are used between players. It is believed that, before laser tag became popular as a game, the military used similar infrared devices to train its members for combat. The history of the game can also be traced to TV shows and movies like Star Wars and Star trek which were supposedly the inspiration behind the equipment used in the arena game.

Normal versions of laser tag include matches between individuals or teams. There are several variations to the game like "Capture the flag" or "protect the president" where players are given various objectives while preventing the opponents from getting there first. These variations enhance the challenges and the excitement of the game and one gets to see the competitive spirit of their family and friends.

Indoor laser tag games are played in large arenas that use "artificial fog" and similar visual effects for creating an exciting atmosphere in the game. The infrared signal fired from the handheld gun like devices are also encoded with information such as where the beam has originated from and for other aspects like game score etc. The outdoor game equipment differs from the indoor ones, in that the lasers used are seen in daylight and naturally require higher output power.

The game is extremely popular worldwide and many international tournaments of laser tag have also been held. There is even a museum dedicated to laser tag, where visitors can see laser tag memorabilia.

Fun City is among the most popular amusement centers in Melbourne. People who enjoy playing games with their friends and family, can enjoy laser tag here.

All About the SWTOR Tank Class

While playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, being the role of the SWTOR Tank is the best way to successfully move through the game with little problems. Being the tank, you will have (2) two roles to complete. The first role of the tank is get noticed by any opposing creature, otherwise known as the threat. Being attacked first, you must be able to take substantial damage and survive. You can do this by either having a good amount of health, or learning to navigate away from any threatening damage, also just having the best protection. A tank can taunt targets to threaten them regardless to the threat level.

There are six classes that have the ability to master the tank role; the classes all have a skill tree for support of tanking duties. The classes are:

Guardian Jedi KnightShadow Jedi ConsularVanguard TrooperJuggernaut Sith WarriorAssassin Sith InquisitorPowertech Bounty Hunter

For a successful tank, whenever the option is available you should choose to become a threat rather than becoming damaged from being attacked. Tanks go through a good amount of damage, which causes tanks to depend on good health conditions, the skills to get away from/avoid damage, and their own armor. These three components will help keep his or her tank in the best shape. A tank must survive to make certain that the tank will be able to withstand all attacks.

The one mistake that almost everybody makes is by believing that only one of the three components it takes to be a successful tank is more prevalent than the other. Each of the skills have their own weaknesses. Being skilled in all three will allow for a balance for the tank and will help with the success.

There are skills that will allow a tank to be successful. These skills can be achieved in many ways. The ability to maneuver around targets is very essential. Most importantly at the beginning of the game when all targets have the same threat level. Also note that it is important to be able to multitask targets, taking more than one on at once. Doing this will enable your tune to take advantage of the situations and be more successful. Lastly, the areas of effect abilities allow the player to target more than one creature at a time. This will help when poor playing skills are in tow.

Sometimes, we run into situations where more than one tank is needed which is where the "off" tank comes into play. Using more than one tank will enable for strong skills and better success. The off tank acts as a protector for the other tank. The off tank will fight all other creatures while the first tank is in battle with the "boss."

The leaders of the group are always the SWTOR Tank class. Because they take most of the blow, they are often more expensive than other classes to repair. They are the most sought after role because of their well-to-do performances. The tank will always be more success in group play as opposed to solo play because of their actual role in the game. Solo battles take much longer to complete. The SWTOR tank role is a role that can be a blessing and a curse. Depending on the player and their own skills will determine the blessing or curse.

Mark L. Miller is a massive fan of Star Wars and has first hand insider experience of the game, Star Wars of the Old Republic. For more information about this game, visit his website revolving around Star Wars the Old Republic at Swtor Insight. Interested in learning about the Crew Skills? Visit our SWTOR Crew Skills article.

Instant Play Upholds Privacy In Online Casinos

Due to rampant cybercrimes, privacy has become one of the most important factors that player consider in choosing online casinos. The degree of importance rendered towards protecting one's personal details or activities also determines and influences the player's decision when it comes to using no-download casinos. Given that instant play depends on web browsers, the biggest question that it has to answer is whether it has the capabilities of keeping sensitive information and activities confidential. How do no-download casinos respond to this challenge? What security measures do they offer to attract more players?

Leaving traces

While it is true that online casino software has greater capabilities than instant play, it cannot be denied that it leaves a trace-which, in certain scenarios, tend to defeat the very essence of maintaining privacy. Indeed, players may keep their log-in details a secret. However, they might find it hard to hide their activities.

When players download a software, evidently, they need to install it. However, the problem is that other computer users will eventually know if a new program has been added or removed. This aspect does not really require an expert to know what is going on. Even the not-so "techie" entities readily understood this matter. Needless to say, this kind of scenario hardly speaks of the player's privacy. This is most especially true for those who prefer to remain conservative about their online habits or routine. As a matter of fact, the harder it is for players to be discreet if they need to secure permission long before they install the software.

The Instant Solution

The instant play feature does not have to work hard before to resolve this particular issue. The answer is already embedded in the platform's structure. It should be remembered that no-download casinos are web-supported applications. In just one click, discreet players can easily delete their browsing history. This is most especially true if they are logged in a multiple network or if they employ a device that has multiple-users. Since most web browsers already support the flash player, one does not have to download in order for them to play their most favorite online casino games.

But in order for no-download casinos to further strengthen its protection of one's confidential details and activities, the player's involvement is also needed. What they can do is to prevent browsers from storing their information the moment they logged in.

Evidently, this kind of capability offered by instant play is rarely discussed nor explained. But this is rather expected for such platform is always stereotyped or boxed within the context of delivering comfort and convenience. Yet, now that more and more player have tacitly recognized this benefit, it would not come as a surprise if the number of instant play patrons has also increased.

How to Play Solitaire Online

There is no doubt that many people enjoy playing games on their computers. While some of these games can be played by individuals, others require multiple persons to play. One of the many games that one can enjoy from their PCs is solitaire. This is amongst the most popular one-person card games. Other than being simple and easy to understand, the game has simple rules and hence convenient to persons of all ages. Microsoft Windows, the leading operating system globally often includes the game as part of its package. Another interesting thing about the game is that it offers multiple versions and hence one does not have to worry about the boredom associated with playing the same versions of the same game every time they want to play it. Additionally, the ease with which it is played as well as its easy accessibility makes it one of those few games that will keep you occupied in the office when you are done working and not ready to leave yet or simply waiting for a colleague. For those who love the game but have no access to it, then they can play the game online through a simple set of instructions.

One simply visits the solitaire network website in order to get access to the multiple solitaire versions available. The site has a long list of versions from which one can choose and hence one simply scrolls through them and selects the one they would want to play. Once a game is selected, the next page opens a set of rules and instructions that will guide the game play. As soon as one has reviewed the rules and instructions and is ready to play, he/she can click on start to play the game.

It is important to emphasize the importance of not clinging to a single version while there are multiple versions of the game. There is also the alternative of logging into the Good Sol solitaire website on a tab regularly appearing in the middle of the home page. This opens a wholly different version of solitaire.

Buzzle is also another option from where one can enjoy a cool game of solitaire. As is the case in a regular solitaire game from its official website, once one selects the game to play, he/she is directed to the instructions page and finally the game play page.

Finally, it is important to mention that the reason many play games is enjoyment. However, there are a multiple of other reasons. Some play to win while others play to enjoy. Whatever the reason one chooses, playing a game like solitaire is just one of the interesting things one can wish to do. This game not only offers a platform for enjoyment and passing time, but also offers one challenges that entail reasoning and planning way in advance.

We provide the best info about solitaire.

WoW Horde Leveling Guides - How To Boost Your XP in Dungeons

If you're leveling up a Horde character, the best solution for maintaining a high XP rate is to focus only on questing. And to go through all quests quickly, without wandering to far from the quest path and wondering what to do, or where to go next, one of the best WoW Horde leveling guides will surely help.

However, most players like to diversify their questing a bit from time to time, playing a battleground or completing a dungeon. So, how can you get maximum XP from dungeons?

It's quite simple. There are 4 aspects that you should consider.

1. Make sure you pick up all the quests as you enter the dungeon. Also, if you know about other quests that can be finished in that instance, but must picked up from other locations, it's not a bad idea to get those quests as well. However, if the quests outside the dungeon are in various areas, and you have to travel long distances to turn them in, it might not be a good idea, because you will waste a lot of time this way.

Once you have picked up the quests from the entrance of the dungeon, or the ones from various quest items that might drop, or from NPCs that you find along the way, focus on completing those quests. Make sure you loot all the quest items needed and that you get credit for any boss or monster related for a quest. Instance quests grant high amounts of XP, plus, you can get a nice gear upgrade equipping the reward blue item pieces.

2. If your class can fulfill the tank role, make sure you get dual talent specialization and train as a tank, as soon as possible. Tanks are usually assigned to groups instantly or in a very short time. Plus, as a tank you're the one that leads, and therefore you can influence by a lot the advancement of your group throughout the instance. The faster you go, the higher your XP rate will be.

3. Join only instances that have yellow or orange difficulty. This way, you will get more XP from the mobs your group will clear out and also from the dungeon's quests.

4. Get Heirlooms. This is an aspect that most WoW Horde leveling guides don't take into account, because, if you're new on a server for example, you might not benefit from Heirlooms. But anyway, if you already have a level 85 characters, with some Justice Points to spare, invest at least in the two Heirloom pieces with XP bonus.

I hope these tips are useful. Anyway, here are two more short WoW Horde Leveling Guides for boosting your XP rate.


If you want to level up a Horde character in the shortest time possible, here's the best, in-game, step-by-step Horde Leveling Guide.

The Extremely Popular Tetris Games

Tetris is a game that is played using Tetriminos. These are game pieces and are fashioned like geometrical shapes consisting of four squares. Any game piece may be given to a player, and this should be arranged in the playing field, which is usually a rectangular space. The player should arrange a Tetriminos in such a way that 10 square blocks must form a horizontal line without any spaces. This will cause the vertical line to disappear. And consequently the blocks above it will fall. Tetris game pieces can be rotated by 90 degrees, until the user finds a particular place to fit the piece. After the user reaches a certain score, he advances to a new level. As he advances, the game pieces fall faster and faster, this increases the possibility of the pieces to pile up and the game ends when the Tetrimonos stack up and touch the upper boundary of the field. Losing a game is generally referred to as "topping out".

The different shapes that Tetriminos come in include: I, L, J, Z, S and T. The I Tetrimono can clear four lines from the screen in a single shot; this is referred to as "tetris". Triple lines can be cleared by I, L and J.

As the game became extremely popular, many variants of the game emerged. Some of the variants are based on a different set of rules, while others offer additional pieces to the players.

The Grand Master is a very popular variation of Tetris game. Here the player must utilize each and every second, because the game eventually becomes so fast that not even a crucial second can be wasted.

Invisible Tetris is another variation. Here the blocks are revealed only when they are in the process of falling and stay hidden until the game gets over.

Tetris is a tile matching game of the puzzle genre. It was initially designed by Alexey Pajitnov in the Soviet Union and was released on the 6th of June, 1984. The game was given its unique name by coupling two words tetra and tennis, tetra was used because every piece is composed of four squares and tennis was Alexey's favorite sport. Hence the name Tetr-is was chosen.

The Tetris game quickly gained popularity and was included in video game consoles, mobile phones and portable media players. The handheld version of Game Boy included the game in its device and the game was extremely successful. It has been voted as the greatest game of all time by many magazines based on surveys from the public.

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Console Gaming Vs PC Gaming

This is a pretty hot topic online, and someone or the other ends up asking this question every now and then. Both the console and PC have existed since decades and this debate has been 'on' since then. But with the rise of the next-gen consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii, this debate has further intensified and many console gamers have started doubting the future of PC gaming. But even with all the doubts, PC gaming is here to stay, and is definitely better in a lot of ways, compared to consoles...

The PC is Customizable

Unlike its console counterparts, the PC can be customized. Meaning, that it can be fine-tuned to suit a specific budget that someone might have, and therefore you don't really need to shell out huge amounts of money and can still play games. While console prices have skyrocketed over the years, the steady drop in computer parts have made it easier for people to afford a computer. And to top that, if you are not a hardcore gamer, you don't even need a top-of-the-line system to play, even a mid-end system would do just fine while being easy on the pocket. Further, the second point that we are going to discuss literally ends the debate. The fact that...

PC Hardware is Evolving on a Constant Basis

Unlike Consoles, which get a hardware update every 5 years or so. The PC is bombarded with hardware choices pertaining to Graphic cards, ram, CPU and pretty much everything that goes inside. What it means is that the graphics and physics of PC games is evolving on a constant basis and giving developers a chance to push their limits. When it comes to consoles, the publishers and developers know what they are dealing with, and it becomes easy for them to develop titles for the same. Since, the hardware really won't change. But when it comes to the PC, they really can't afford to have any pre-conceived notions, as we all know that computers do come in different shapes and sizes. So, the developers have to be on their toes every time to satisfy the hardcore PC gamer. Plus if you have a computer then compared to a console, you can always...

Upgrade When the System Gets Outdated

This really is the defining factor and is the strongest point that kills the competition. What do you do, when a new console is released and the one that you have becomes outdated? The answer is simple. You either sell it, or keep it with yourself till you can afford to buy the latest one in the market. Now, what if you have a PC and your PC becomes outdated? Again, the answer is simple... You upgrade. The thing is that you really don't need to bother about your system becoming outdated or the parts wearing off. Since, you can always go out and buy new system upgrades for yourself, which saves you the trouble of having to buy a whole new system, which is not the case when it comes to consoles.

I know that this debate cannot end. And gamers will always vouch for the platform that they love, but no one can doubt the customizations and flexibility associated with the PC. There is a reason why developers and publishers have been developing games for this platform since decades, and we should not forget that even today, some of the most visually stunning and groundbreaking games that have ever come out, have been for the PC.

The author of this article Ankan Bose is a freelance editor/copywriter and is the co-owner of a humor blog He is an avid gamer and provides freelance writing services for websites and blogs.

Exciting Helicopter Games!

Helicopter games are full of action, thrill and excitement. In these games, you are given a helicopter which you need to control. It is quite easy to control these helicopters. Some games require the player to fly the helicopter without bumping into a single object, while others are easier to play, with the helicopter bumping into hurdles without undergoing much damage.

These games are suitable for all age groups as the rules of the games are simple. Most of the games allow you to fly your helicopter using the keyboard and some games allow the mouse to be used. The user can collect objects while flying through the air and gain additional points.

Many variations of this game are available. Some variants allow you to shoot at enemies using weapons like bombs and guns. The games are set in various environments and you can sometimes find haunted places crawling with zombies whom you need to destroy.

Other helicopter games allow you to fly army-helicopters and you must drop all the passengers safely with the help of their parachute. Navy helicopter games make you protect your ship and attack all enemy ships. You must shoot at other ships as well as fly your helicopter.

Some games give you the chance to fly super helicopters with special machinery and weapons and you can go on a rampage and kill all your enemies to protect yourself.

You can also play games that require you to simply fly your helicopter while your weapons are set on an automatic mode. These games let you collect points based on the number of enemies you destroy.

You can find lots of websites dedicated purely to helicopter games and these provide you with unique games that can keep you occupied for hours. These games do not require any special download or CDs and can simply be played with the flash player installed on your system.

You can find many games that have realistic graphics to give you an unforgettable experience of flying a chopper, or you can also opt for easier games that have colorful and robust graphics that are much easier to play with.

A player can advance in the game by collecting points and buying items with these points. This will help you augment your powers with additional accessories for your helicopter. You can also buy weapons in order to kill your enemies more effectively. As the level advances, you will be faced with more enemies and they will be stronger, but you can destroy them using your new weapons and eventually win the game!

We provide the best info about helicopter games. For further details please visit the provided link.

The Thrilling Scary Games

Scary games are very interesting and thrilling to play. These games are set in an extremely spooky environment that gives its players the creeps. For those who love scary movies or books, these games will surely keep you hooked better than a movie, because here you are the main character and need to take appropriate actions in order to escape alive.

Some of the games are set up in a haunted house and your aim is to leave the house alive. You have to dodge all the spirits and dodge all the monsters and leave before your time expires. Some games feature you as the sole survivor of humanity and you must escape the onslaught of zombies before they succeed in turning you into one.

You have to collect resources that may come in handy in some of the games and explore your surroundings in order to find an escape route. These games will have you on the edge of your seat because an unexpected monster may pop in from anywhere and attack you. Stranded with limited weapons and no friends, you must find your way out alive.

These games have got extremely life like graphics and this helps in making them even more thrilling and scary. They are scarier than movies because of the fact that you are in control of your destiny and one wrong move could mean a horrifying end.

The mysterious and chilling environments in which the games are set may not be suitable for younger player s and many websites have an age restriction and you cannot play unless you are at least sixteen years old.

Many games based on the movie "Saw" are also available and these are surely more thrilling than the movie as you try to leave the game alive and in one piece.

The games usually start with a brief introduction about the history of the haunted environment and what exactly you are supposed to do. Most of the games can be controlled using the key board but some of the games also allow using your mouse. You are usually given basic instructions and sometimes a map is also given to help you find your way.

With zombies out to kill, phantoms on the prowl and strange and unexpected events that keep happening, scary games are the best way to have fun. Don't forget to keep looking behind you while playing these spooky games.

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Horde Leveling Dungeons Where You Can Also Make Nice Amounts of Gold

Have you just started a new Horde character? Well, if you want to boost your XP rate from time to time, and also make some gold in the process, it's not a bad idea to complete a few Horde leveling dungeons.

However, not every dungeon can provide you with a great deal of XP and also a decent amount of gold. So, in this post I'm going to underline a few of the best Horde leveling dungeons for XP and gold, to put in your leveling path.


Scholomance is one of the Horde leveling dungeons with a high concentration of trash mobs, which means you will be getting a lot of XP. The level range is 40-44. There are many quests in this instance and there are 13 bosses.

Although most of the blue loot is bind-on-acquire, there's a nice Enchanting formula that drops here, which can be sold for up to 1000g depending on server. The Spectral Researchers can drop Formula: Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing, a great enchantment that can be applied to Heirloom weapons. You can also make a lot of gold as an Enchanter by crafting and selling the enchantments. They usually go for up to 300g each.

Tip for Enchanters: In any instance you go as you level up, you can (and you should) ninja all the items that you can roll for, to disenchant them and sell the parts. You'll make nice gold this way as you level up. Players don't usually care, since their main goal is XP. However, in case someone really needs an item, it's nice to pass it, instead of disenchanting it.


This dungeon is located in northern Tanaris. The level range is 46-49. This should be the instance to run before Stratholme, if you're leveling your character via Horde leveling dungeons.

Zul'Farrak has a pretty dense population of trolls, therefore, the XP here is not bad. Plus, there are several quests that you can pick up and complete inside the instance. The bosses don't drop extremely valuable loot, but most trash mobs drop 1-4 pieces of Mageweave Cloth. This type of intermediate level cloth sometimes sells for 60-70 gold per stack.

So, since there are many mobs inside, and they frequently drop something valuable, Zul'Farrak is one of the best Horde leveling dungeons.

These two Horde leveling dungeons are not bad to choose as your leveling destinations from level 40 to 48, if of course, you want to level up via dungeons. However if you want to level up your character as quickly as possible, the best choice is solo questing, following an optimized leveling path. That means you should know exactly where to go for each and every quest, and also exactly what you must do. That can be easily achieved with an in-game, player-made Horde leveling guide.

If you're looking for an optimized, in-game Horde Leveling Guide, just follow this link.

Also, here are two other Horde Leveling Dungeons where you can boost your XP rate and also get nice gold.

Gaming - The Good and Bad

It has always been a debate whether playing games are good for you. Since the conception of consoles, parents have been worrying about the negative effect playing computer games have on their children. How to win the argument with your parents, at least getting them to allow you to have your fun with games is easier than you think. There are many research done by the psychologist to find out the impact of playing games in people, particularly those still in school. Let us face it, once we start working, gaming time will be severely limited.

There are many genres of games, and unfortunately these arguments are not valid for some games that promote violence and aggressive behaviour like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Studies have shown that violent games do increase the tendency of aggressive behaviour in children and adult, and so those who like playing these games should limit playing time. For the average person who likes to play games, there are three good arguments.

Otherwise, there are positive studies done to show that gaming does indeed help people think. Role playing games forces people to plan and think about strategies while trying to complete quests. Without proper planning: levelling up skills, upgrading weapons, and setting battle formations, it is almost impossible to win in certain quests and levels. Those who played Shadow of Colossus would remember the infuriating game, and the feeling of triumph every time a monster goes down.

The games have become more intelligent as time goes by, artificial intelligence (AI) had improved so much that zombies now can run and plan a mass attack. In Resident Evil 5, the zombies are faster and now can wield weapons, instead of mindlessly shuffle towards you, showing their bloodied teeth. I still remember the terror I felt when the Executioner Manjini jumped towards me with the big axe, nails and hooks protruding on his back. Not only you have to plan the moves of your character, you have to anticipate that the enemy will be doing, which is becoming harder each year.

This is true for me, at least. Gamers who play mind stimulating games: RPGs, puzzle, fitness and a lot more tend to have good reflex. It is not easy to stare at the screen looking for hidden treasures, looking at the map for potential enemies bursting through some angle, stocking up quickly before a boss fight and not develop a level of dexterity in your mind. Working people can testify to some extend, multitasking is easier for a person who plays games. I still play Dr Kawashima's Brain and Body Exercises on my Xbox Kinect to help keep the brain in sync with the rest of me.

We love to play, gaming is fun and technology has enabled us to play with people around the world without leaving our room. The benefits of gaming are unfortunately not linked to the long hours that we put it. Keeping the gaming time to a reasonable level ensures that we have a real life outside of virtual reality, which is important to function as a member of a community.

Ailyn Koay is a pharmacist in Adelaide, Australia. She is looking to become a writer, if you are interested in her work please contact

Make Money Buying And Selling Magic The Gathering Cards

Magic The Gathering has been around for about 20 years now. There are thousands of cards in common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare and mythic rare availabilities.

Buying these cards individually, in booster packs or complete sets is easy. Selling them for a profit is a skill that needs to be acquired to accomplish profiting from sales successfully. This article endeavours to outline how you can start.

Make sure you know your products. Understanding this market of collectible card games can be very daunting if you have never played the game before. Whilst not an exclusive choice, being a player does not give you any advantage over being a seller of these game cards.

The current market shows us the rarer and harder to obtain a card, unopened booster or set the more it will be worth. Alpha, Beta and Third Edition cards are the hardest to obtain. As the sets get younger, the lower the price will be. So current editions and expansion sets are not worth much but can still sell well if you sell rare items only. These current sets will sell better in the future. Especially when these sets stop being printed and new sets are produced.

So, the ideal situation is to obtain the oldest rare from the oldest sets you can get. If you can get unopened, completely sealed boosters or packs or complete sets the better, these will command higher prices. Booster packs will contain at least two rares and some uncommon and commons.

One can still profit from current generation cards by buying a booster pack and selling the cards individually for a profit. You can do this over and over until you hit a desired profit ceiling. Changing your strategy to something different will help appeal for further sales and have your customer base return for better purchases.

Value adding by offering free shipping, extra cards of common or uncommon but wanted cards for free or by offering specials is an ideal way you can stand out from other sellers who are your immediate competition.

As your sales increase and your sales become higher in volume and those sales become consistent, you will start to see other ways and means of obtaining strategic sales and various ways to maximise profits.

Garnering a reputation as being reasonable, fair and equitable as a seller will help in the long run as well. Good service and common sense in ethical sales will tell your customer to spread the word and increase your sales even more.

Learn how to get expert tips for further enhancing your Magic The Gathering sales here in this insightful article

GTA 4 For Pleasure, Saints Row 2 For Leisure

Grand Theft Auto 4, when released in 2009, created a hysteria among fans and critics alike; astonishing sales culminated in two expansion packs plus universal acclaim created records on Meta critic site, with professional reviewers commending its cinematic quality and serious gameplay and forgiving minor cover system issues. New features like mobile phones, cab system, and plot decisions given to players were hailed for their inventiveness by all. But after a few months of its release, gamers voiced their dissatisfaction at the game's exhaustive nature; upon completion of the core game and some mini-games, all that was left was shooting pigeons, an onerous job since these animated birds were located in nooks and corners of high-rise buildings, shopping establishments and industrial sites. While it was fun to massacre people since they poured gallons of blood and also gave realistic reactions, that too got monotonous. It was ingenious of Rock-star to introduce two expansions (I haven't played those) to extend the game's legacy.

After sometime came in Saints Row 2, an explosive game that offered tremendous fun to gamers and was mainly hailed by critics and viewers alike for its longevity- the game was not a breakthrough by take Two but a better follow-up to its predecessor. There were some grouches who condemned its vulgarity and perversion but most felt it was a delicious alternative to Grand Theft Auto 4. The game has you as the member of the Saints, members of the underworld that ruled the city once but were dethroned by rival groups and Ultor magnates, who fights his way back to the top by executing rival group members and capturing their territories. But these are so many diversions and activities that come along that it makes the game huge in scope; insurance fraud, trail-blazing, fighting, VIP bouncers, ho-ing, etc... You name it, it's there!

It's been almost 2 years since their release but the games have cast an effect, mainly Grand Theft Auto 4, which resulted in many game developers focusing on core storyline, graphics and the 'Surprise Me!' rather than the typical 'fun' which one usually expects. Uncharted 3, Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain etc are some examples. Saints Row developers have remained unchanged though; they still opt for ridiculous fun. And what do we, as gamers want? A groundbreaking product or an entertaining product?

I am currently playing Saints Row 2 - it knows it is flawed; the graphics, though competent, are unsteady, the characters lack depth, most of the missions involve excessive shooting, the cell-phone in the game is thoroughly useless, some vehicles are painful to ride, some activities get repetitive etc. And even though I just played the game a while ago, I can't recollect my character's name. But I think the game was made for the commoners, the people who don't scrutinise everything but just want something that addicts them. That's why people loved movies like Fast and the Furious (haven't seen it), Final Destination (hated it); they entertain without causing much impact. Saints Row 2 is not common, in fact, it is a great game but it was made keeping in mind the needs of common gamers. And the formula worked well.

Grand Theft Auto 4, Uncharted 3, Red Dead Redemption, L.A.Noire and Heavy Rain are monster games - like Daniel Day-Lewis, they don't come very often, but when they do, boy they take the world by a storm. The difficulty in these games is quite low, unless one plays Uncharted 3 on crushing mode, and the games, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto -4 and Uncharted 3, take not much time to complete. Also, the games start slow, with easy missions - Heavy Rain actually begins with you helping the character dress up for work, Red Dead Redemption has you tend the farm. But they are a class apart the rest because they take you through the journey of the character without adding superfluous excess that digress from the main plot of the game. Roger Ebert may retract his statement that "Video games can never be art" if he plays games like these.

What do gamers support - groundbreaking, inventive games that redefine standards of gameplay or simply entertaining games with high replay value?

Just Punch and Knock Down in Boxing Games

Boxing games provide an awesome way to unleash pent-up stress. This game features two characters. One of them is your opponent and the other one is be controlled by you.

The game involves throwing punches at your opponent, to knock them down. You need to take care that you don't get out of breath, as every game features a stamina bar, which lowers with each punch you throw, or each hit you receive from your opponent. In case you get knocked down by your rival, you need to press the punch keys repeatedly to regain your stamina, and once you do, you can get up and start punching again.

This game is available in many different forms, and each is unique to that particular game-genre. Some games allow the user to dodge and protect themselves from an onslaught of punches, and yet other games allow the user to throw power packed punches once in a while. These 'power punches' will help you knock out your enemy in just a single punch.

As a lot of boxing games are available, one can surely find a game which suits his taste. Some games require you to throw punches rapidly while others focus on using tactics to overthrow your opponent. You can control your character using your mouse in some games, while others require you to use a keyboard.

Some games allow the player to create his character from scratch, and in these you can choose everything to suit your preferences; right from the characters' skin tone down to the kind of shoes your character wears during the round.

Boxing games that feature animals are also available. You can select an animal and fight it as your enemy and have a lot of fun during the process.

Some games let you start from the beginner's level where you are paired with weaker opponents. Once you defeat them you can advance and fight stronger opponents. Each round unveils a greater challenge and this will surely keep you hooked on the game for hours.

This game is suitable for individuals of all ages as it is simple enough for kids to understand, and since it features bright and attractive graphics. The ones that are meant for older people feature realistic environments and graphics.

Those who love boxing will definitely enjoy the realistic environment in which the character plays in. The chance of getting up after getting knocked down helps even amateur players to continue with the game until they eventually become a pro.

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Wireless Headset - An Absolute Must in Today's Gaming Society

A headset that is not connected directly to its original device is called a wireless headset and the device can be a cell phone, a computer, a TV, a laptop or a gaming console. In some states it is forbidden to talk on the phone while driving if you do not have a wireless headset, so these they offer mobility and freedom to do many things at the same time.

Even though the word is used interchangeably with headphones, a headset generally means a combination headphone plus a microphone. The technology that has been used to maintain the wireless devices is infrared or Bluetooth and the latter is more popular today because its only limitation is distance whereas the former is limited by both distance and sight.

In today's busy world taking time to talk on the phone when you have a hundred million things to do consumes a lot of time, so these headsets enable the user to do other things while talking on the phone. This is especially important in business settings where more and more people are working from home. A good headset will allow you to hear and be heard clearly while performing other tasks in the office or at home. This enhances employee performance, increases user satisfaction, reduces injuries from inattention and makes your company look good.

The headset gives the user the ability to use their hands for other jobs as well as the ability to move from place to place. In the office these devices are invaluable because they increase productivity and the performance of the employees. Their use however is not limited to the office it is put to good use in homes as well and a mother can talk to the office while feeding her baby, two chores that might be necessary at the same time.

For people who are always on the move these devices are an absolute necessity because connecting the headset to their phones gives them the freedom to stay connected while on the move.

Headsets can be categorized based on the method by which they are worn:

1) Over the head - As the name suggests these are headsets that are worn with the aid of a headband over the head with the ear piece fitting over the ears to allow the user to hear the sounds in comfort and with very little strain.

2) Behind the neck - As the name suggests these headsets have a neckband that secures them so that the ear piece and microphone are positioned properly to ensure comfort and flexibility.

3) Over the ear - Similar to the over the head type these are headsets that are very popular with professionals who man call centers. It is placed over the ear putting the ear piece in place ensuring comfort and easy movement.

4) In the ear - Similar to the over ear headsets but as its own name suggests this is a headset that has a cushion around the ear piece to allow it to fit comfortably in the ear. It means that the sound reception is great and it is kept in place by an air ear loop or a head band to maintain comfort. They can be worn for long periods with no discomfort because they are designed to be very light.

For the sake of hygiene headsets should not be shared between users and removable parts such as headset voice tubes and headset air cushions should be replaced every six months to reduce the chance of infections.

Jayson Maxwell is a gaming enthusiast and writes frequently about wireless headsets. His top recommendation is the Logitech Wireless Headset F540. Check out additional reviews from him at the Wireless Gaming Headset site.

Realistic Farming Games

Farming games let you have a glimpse of a farmer's life. You can grow your own crops and raise horses and sheep. By playing these games you can also find out about the problem wild animals pose to farmers.

These games are simple as long as you can keep your livestock happy and your crops healthy.

A basic farming game allows you to plant your own crops. First you need to plow a piece of land and then you can plant your seeds. You have to provide a good fertilizer for your plants and then water them. Once the plants grow you can harvest the crop. This will give you additional points and you can buy better seeds and gardening tools to take care of your garden. The better fertilizers you purchase for your crop, the healthier harvest will you be able to reap. This game is highly addictive as it is really difficult to leave your farm once you plant your crop and you will surely be coming back for more.

Many variations of the game exist, but the basic idea of the game is the same. You need to take care of your farm and earn money by harvesting your crop.

If wild animals or pests attack your farm, buy some additional features to protect your plants from unwelcome pests.

Some games allow your livestock to eat the crops that you plant. You can then sell the eggs or milk produced by your livestock and score points. Such games are very interesting and you need to plant your crops in a way that it is easily accessible to your livestock so they can eat it and produce milk or eggs for you. Once you sell the produce you gain enough points to buy more livestock. This allows you to collect even more points and lets your farm expand.

By collecting more points you can also get promoted to new levels where additional tools get unlocked by themselves and you don't need to purchase them.

This game can be controlled using your keyboard and mouse. It is very suitable for children as well as adults and you just need a little bit of patience and creativity to master the game. The simple rules of the game has contributed to the growing popularity of it and also the joy of harvesting your own crop after waiting for it to bear fruit is what keeps people hooked to this game.

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Rat 7 - Cool Gaming Mouse

Are you a gamer? Do you like to have the craziest gear that's out there? I do. I like the latest gizmo's, sure, but I also like the most configurable and most capable. If you are into PC gaming, the you should check out Cyborg's Rat 7.

This little piece of electronic and mechanical wizardry, the Rat 7, is one of the sweetest little pointers I have ever used, to be sure. But there is more to it than that.

Not Just Cool Looking

The Rat 7 is not only just cool looking, though cool looking it is, it's also super accurate and precise. There's reasons for this, but I suspect that this is the main focus of this nimble little creature. They have built in a host of adjustments that you can add to this mouse. Calling it a mouse by the way, is like calling a Ferrari a car. It's just not enough. Nevertheless, they achieve this precision in a couple of ways.

Precision, Accuracy Comfort
The first way they achieve such awesome accuracy is to fit the mouse to your hand. After all, it's the match between your brain and your hand that is so vitally important in translating your intentions to action! The way they do this is to let you adjust every conceivable angle and axis of the mouse itself.

For example there is a capability that lets you adjust the actual length of the mouse. If you have bigger hands or deep palms, this lets you adjust accordingly. From a comfort and fatigue point of view, it's difficult to beat this kind of setting and adjustment.

In addition to this, there is also an adjustment for your thumb plate. Some people, such as myself, tend to flare their thumb out unknowingly when they are using the mouse. There is an adjustment that lets you fiddle with the amount of flare. This is really nice. It's something that doesn't spring to mind when you are gaming, but the truth is the way your opposable digit connects with the input device is actually quite critical.

Rat 7 Switchable Faceplates

Finally, there is the ability to switch out face plates on the Rat 7. You might be thinking this is a capability for the purpose of vanity. Not so. The truth is each of the three face plate sets have a different finish. The standard face plate is a matte finish. But there are two others. Once raises the height of the mouse, and the other has a rougher finish. Both have their place.

If you are looking a great gaming mouse, check out the Rat 7 by Cyborg. You will never use an ordinary mouse again.

If you are a PC gamer, you owe it to yourself to check the Rat 7. It's pricey, but worth every cent. Check out my reviews.

Do Shooter Games Evoke Violent Behavior in an Individual?

Shooter games are categorized among the most complex games, until now. Creation of these games needs different variables; it is considered, when these games are designed. A thing you notice, while playing this game is the floor and walls of the sky, which keep on changing according to the environment where the payer is. Nonetheless, this occurring modification is not an accident or fault; it is the planning and thought of the creator of this game. Thus, it is not the graphic artist alone, who play this game with extreme fun; the computer programmers also experience the game's incredibility.

Due to the advancements in the computer equipment, the shooter games have undergone a tremendous improvement. For instance, faster CPUs, increased computer memory, incredible graphics, etc., have extensively contributed to the creation of world-class environments suitable for playing games. Online shooter games are a wonderful way for releasing the amount of stress while working. According to an updated research, taking a short break of just 15 minutes from job/work to dedicate in playing shooter game causes a dramatic boost in productivity. Any idea why this is so? This is possible, as it enables you to get yourself involved in an interactive and fun environment. As we all know; it is not possible to play such games during the working hours, as many companies do not permit.

There arose a misconception that such shooting games evoke violence. Hence, it is included in the banned sites' list, and the employers are not allowed to play such games. However, no studies, until now, have been successful in achieving a relevant link between workplace violence and the shooter game. Thus, this should be viewed from another perspective, as these games involve shooting vegetables like tomatoes, and similar other characters. Does shooting a tomato on-screen really inculcate a violent behavior in an individual? Well, it is damn funny.

On a final verdict, shooter game is of extreme fun and interest in today's stressful life. These games have the capability to burn off the stress faced while working, irrespective of what others say. These games thus perform the dual task of stress eliminator and entertainer. This is certainly a sigh of relief for all those stressed-out workaholics. Hence, to find out the top- most popular shooter games that can relieve you from the ample job stress, have a look at the ample gaming websites of today. There is no way of getting disappointed by playing these games online.

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Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout

Recommended by PC World Magazine (August 2004), The Miami Herald Online (Sept. 25, 2004), and Downhome Magazine (2005 – Favorite Games Site), Download Free Games has provided its users quality downloadable games since 2002.

Game players from around the world play tens of thousands of DFG’s free games every day. DFG is constantly expanding, striving to bring its audience the most entertaining game downloads found on the Internet.

Download Free Games is a small business owned and operated by Alpha Internet Media in Spokane, WA.

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Fantastic Creations: House of Brass Collector’s Edition

Recommended by PC World Magazine (August 2004), The Miami Herald Online (Sept. 25, 2004), and Downhome Magazine (2005 – Favorite Games Site), Download Free Games has provided its users quality downloadable games since 2002.

Game players from around the world play tens of thousands of DFG’s free games every day. DFG is constantly expanding, striving to bring its audience the most entertaining game downloads found on the Internet.

Download Free Games is a small business owned and operated by Alpha Internet Media in Spokane, WA.

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How to Buy a Vintage Pachinko Machine

So, your game room is nearly complete, but you decide you want a little something extra to add a little flash. You've heard about those crazy Japanese pachinko machines, and decided to look at purchasing one to add to the decor. But you don't really know a lot about them, and don't want to get taken to the cleaners. This guide will help you avoid the common pitfalls, and help you choose the right pachinko machine for your game room.

A little history of pachinko machines

The first pachinko machines were created in Japan in the late 1920's, and became very popular very quickly. These early machines were single-shot models, which meant that you had to put a ball into a slot, load it, and then fire it. They paid out small metal tokens or badges as a way of keeping score. In 1934 they shut down all of the parlors and stopped producing pachinko machines altogether. The shortage of both manpower and materials caused by the war effort with China left little for entertainment. After the war, in 1948, they began producing pachinko machines again, and parlors appeared in every neighborhood. Around 1975 millions of pachinko machines were imported to the United States and sold through retail outlets to the public.

Basic categories of pachinko machines

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a pachinko machine is whether you want an antique, vintage, or modern machine. Antique pachinko machines are generally considered to be made prior to 1962. The back mechanics are mostly metal, and they are almost always single-shot machines. They usually have that "1950's" style that reflects a certain simplicity and elegance. Vintage pachinko machines are usually 1962 to around 1980, before the digital machines replaced the mechanical ones. These range from models that have 1960-style pop-art themes, to full-blown disco-extravaganzas that combine colors and graphics to produce a piece of art that looks wild by today's standards. The vintage machines are usually autoloaders, machines that will hold hundreds of balls in a front tray and allow you to fire balls in rapid succession. Modern machines are electronic in nature and have dozens of flashing lights, sound tracks, and video screens.

Which era is right for me?

Antique machines should probably not be purchased with the intent of playing them on a regular basis, but rather as display units to add a unique rare flavor to the decor. Auto loading vintage machines are fun to play, and for some reason children cannot seem to get enough of playing them. If you expect grandchildren to visit your game room, a pachinko machine can keep them occupied and memorized for hours. This is doubly true of the modern pachinko machines with the flashing lights and loud sound effects.

How much does condition matter?

The amount you pay for an antique or vintage pachinko machine has a lot to do with condition. Most of the pachinko machines available are not in the best of shape. The wood is dry-rotted, the chrome is rusted, the playfields are stained, and the plastic is faded and chipped. Sadly, this is a description of the average machine you will find on eBay or craigslist. Antique machines in this state can still demand a serious price tag, but vintage machines can usually be had for around fifty dollars. You will know immediately from the ad, they will always state that "They don't know anything about these machines", or "I don't know if it works or how to work it". If you just want a decorative piece that looks interesting as a conversation starter, and are on a limited budget, these machines may be exactly what you are looking for. You may even decide to clean it up and figure out how it works or how to repair it, and find yourself a new hobby in the deal. If you want to step up, there are a number of people who do modest restorations that are basically "tune-ups". They will disassemble most of the mechanics, clean and polish the chrome and plastic, and shine up the nails. They ensure the machines are functional and ready to play, although the playfield will not be changed, and will usually show some yellowing, fading, and water stains. For common machines the cost will usually be several hundred dollars, and for antique machines you can easily end up paying thousands. These machines are fun for the kids to play, and will look nice in a game room as a nice piece of added flair.

For the perfectionist

Some people don't just want any old pachinko machine, they want something special. They want a rare 1950's machine in excellent condition, or a 1970's autoloader with the playfield restored to the original beauty. They are looking for a work of art. Sadly, there are very few places where someone can locate pachinko machines such as these. You will not find them on eBay, craigslist, or any of the usual outlets. You have to find one of the few restoration experts, or find someone who deals in the rarest pachinko machines. A few will even do full restorations of a machine that you provide, although you may have to wait a few months for it to be completed. Full restorations can take hundreds of hours. As of this writing, I only know of three people in the United States who regularly do complete restores, and most are usually booked months in advance.


There are many reasons to put a vintage or antique pachinko machine into your game room. Whether you are just looking for a conversation starter, and fun game for the kids, or a rare work of art that will be the envy of your friends, there is a pachinko machine for you. Do a little research, look around, and then find the one that suits you. With millions of them out there, yours is probably quietly waiting for you to find it! You just have to go out and get it!

This article was created by James King at Pachinko Planet in the hopes or raising public awareness about these interesting and historic works of art. Pachinko Planet is an expert restorations service, as well as a provider of beautifully restored vintage pachinko machines. Pachinko Planet also provide a wide range of accessories and replacement parts.

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Surface: Mystery of Another World

Recommended by PC World Magazine (August 2004), The Miami Herald Online (Sept. 25, 2004), and Downhome Magazine (2005 – Favorite Games Site), Download Free Games has provided its users quality downloadable games since 2002.

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Call of Duty: Elite

There is new leaked information on Modern Warfare 3 released by Kotaku. While Treyarch introduced Zombie Mode into the Call of Duty games developed by them, Infinity Ward has now implemented a mode similar to Zombie Mode. It is the Spec Ops Survival Mode, where hordes of enemies attack you in waves. There are other Spec Ops modes such as mission mode where you are given an objective and must take down enemies along the way.

It has also been revealed that the online multiplayer will have 20 available maps. Though there are no screen shots of the online multiplayer maps, it has been hinted that New York, London, Berlin, and Paris, which are in the single player, will be on the online multiplayer as well. There has been little footage of what the Spec Ops Survival mode looks like and what maps are available for it.

Some of the perks included in the multiplayer are Blind Eye, Assassin, Point Guard, Dead Silence, and Recon. Blind Eye gives you immunity from computer and player controlled killstreaks. The pro version allows you to lock on faster with launchers and gives you extra bullet damage to vehicles. Assassin makes you invisible to UAVs, thermal, and heartbeat sensors. The pro version makes you immune to counter UAVs, and hides your clan tag, name, and red crosshairs. Point Guard counts every two assist kills as a whole kill. Dead Silence will most likely be the same as in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Recon will be some type of motion sensor radar available on you at all times.

Some the killstreaks have been revealed which are EMP grenade, Precision Airstrike, Stealth Bomber, Littlebird, Remote Turret, Escort Airdrop, Remote Mortar, and Directional UAV. One killstreak that has been confirmed as removed is the Tactical Nuke. It has not been confirmed yet if these killstreak are not stackable like in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Modern Warfare 3 will now have team perks, which will most likely be a defensive style of perk, like Blast Shield, Health Regen, and Stun Protection. We cannot guarantee that these killstreaks will remain in the final version of the games, because it is usual that the multiplayer gets tweaked and modified before the final release. This game is just months away from its release date and we'll just have to wait to see what features will truly be released.

Check out for more information on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3