Facts and Hints About The Game Angry Birds

Angry Birds has become a worldwide gaming mega hit but how did this game come into existence? Rovio is the name of the company that created angry birds, however, it's not the first game they developed. Surprisingly they have been creating games for several years but had just never broken through into the mainstream the way they did with angry birds. The idea for the game came about in 2009 when the company was looking at different ideas for games which they thought could become popular. It was a simple idea spawned from some sketches of wingless and legless birds which were angry.

The sketches caught on among the staff who in turn created a unique design which became angry birds. The pigs were added into the game later in the development as an enemy. During this period of development swine flu was being heavily reported in the news which is where the idea for the pigs emerged.

The basis of the game is very simple and is not unique to angry birds but has been seen in many other games previously. It's a simple physics/puzzle game. The player is given a slingshot and a finite supply of angry birds with differing characteristics. Some birds are faster than others while others can be split into multiple birds. You control the trajectory of the birds with the slingshot which launches them towards rickety structures containing your main enemy, the pigs. In order to advance to the next level you must eliminate all of the pigs before your birds run out.

Rovio has released several different versions of the game at this point. The original, Seasons, and Rio. Seasons is a collection of holiday themed versions of the game while Rio was a movie tie in for the movie Rio. All versions continue to be updated with new levels which are free to those who have previously purchased the game. In addition to these versions of the game there are some free versions of the game available to play. Google has a special chrome version which allows you to play some levels. A special 'lite' version of the game is available in your favorite app store as well.

Below are some tips for making the most of your angry bird gaming sessions.

Try to use as few birds as possible. Each unused bird will give you 10,000 points when you clear the level. Useful info if you love to get high scores.Watch the trail your birds leave behind once launched. This makes it easier to adjust your next shot or to simply shoot in the same direction again.Be sure to wait until your previous bird has disappeared completely before launching another.Everything you destroy on the screen will give you points so try to kill the pigs while causing as much destruction as possible.Remember that you can zoom in if you need a closer look.If you are really stuck you can look up the angry birds walkthroughs online. Everything is easily found on YouTube or on one of the many fan sites.

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Video Game Programming and Development: An Explanation of the Process

The entire development process starts from the initial conceptualization of a game, analyzing consumer responses, and gamers offering solutions and ideas to the bugs they detect on the game. The world's latest innovations have indeed advanced the modern gaming industry.

The Development Process. The development of a successful video game is something which needs the input of more than thirty people, with each individual working on a special assignment. Nowadays, the great variety of gaming consoles and platforms have greatly increased the public's expectations. Every detail of a video game may take weeks or even months of hard work to create, making the entire game development process difficult, but lucrative. The elevation of video games to a much more realistic and futuristic dimension is what makes gaming an elite industry in the world today.

Development consists of a huge network of professionals divided into different slates to work on specialized aspects of the game. Each team focuses entirely on its task. The whole programming team is led by an executive producer and project manager to make sure that all departments are working in a coordinated and harmonious manner. In conjunction with the basic programming teams, there are equally important teams that deal with auxiliary tasks such as the tools department, engine department and audio department.

The Game Concept. Each game is born from an idea that needs to be realized. This idea serves as the inspirational blueprint for the game design team. The concept selected by game designers could be original, licensed-based or a sequel. Licensed-based titles can come from movies, books or other people. As soon as a concept is formulated, a 'concept plan' is then required and submitted to the project's main decision makers. In addition, licensed-based titles need authorization from the original makers. Pre-production Stage. During this point, a more detailed design of the video game is crafted and this is done primarily by the game designer. The document should specify and establish the main goals of the game. During this stage, the developers not only work on the software but also produce a detailed report on what type of technology is used in the game and the type of engine it should work on. Production. This is probably the most important part of the development process. Tool programmers, interface programmers, artificial intelligence experts and engine professionals work together in developing the game. The audio department takes care of background music, interface music and character voices.

Post production. Here comes the video game testing stage. The graphics are polished. Marketing the software also takes place at the final stage. Once the game is released, the development process is completed.

Gina Kraft wrote the article for Game Shastra. Gina is a supporter of Game Shastra specially, their Game Development, Game Design, and Game Testers.

Scope in the Arena of Game Testing

The video game industry has witnessed an upsurge like never before over the past few years. The recent recession of 2008-2009 saw the $50 billion gaming industry remain completely unaffected.

Every cell phone company in the world is making an attempt to incorporate fresh and original gaming in its products. Similarly, laptops and home computers are being manufactured to support various gaming features. Not to mention, high-tech gaming consoles are increasingly becoming a rage. Playing games has become no less than an obsession for many people.

To err is human; it is natural that certain slip-ups or miscalculations will be made by the game developers. When you play a newly launched game or one that has had an important update, more often than not, you will come across a few hiccups or malfunctions. One unpleasant criticism (in print, blogs, forums, etc.) about the glitch will result in huge losses to the game product companies.

A decade ago, when the gaming arena was still very new and the scope of play was restricted, it was either just the developer, or one or two testers, that were responsible for all the testing. However, as gaming become more and more intricate and multifaceted, a substantial group of QA resources, called Quality Assurance engineers, became crucial. The responsibilities of the game testers are no less than those of the game developers or designers. Were it not for the testers to find errors, the gaming releasing into the market may disappoint the gamers if they fail to run properly, plummeting the sales of the industry.

There are many preconceived notions about the job of a game tester, like:-

"Testing video gaming can be very exciting!" True: Although the testing appearance drops short of many people's initial expectations, the job can be a lot of fun. Testers work long tedious hours, but it is in a relaxed environment with people who have similar interests. For those who revel in reconnaissance and dismantling things to find out their workings, are able to cope up with extensive working hours and enjoy an informal atmosphere, the job of a game tester can be very rewarding as an entry-level career.

"Gaming testers play video gaming the entire day!" False: If you seriously want to build a career in the gaming industry, then have a clear vision about this job; game testing job is not just about playing. The focus of this job is to test a game comprehensively in both technical and graphical ways to provide better experience to the customer. Everyone thinks that a game testing job is exciting, but game testers have to constantly replay same level of the same game frequently to verify a bug or certain issues. Therefore, it could prove to be rather monotonous to play a game in such conditions.

"Video Game Tester profile does not require any skill!" False: Gaming testing profile also needs a particular set of skills such as good concentration, analytical mind, good report writing skill, communication skill, passion for gaming etc.

Following jobs are offered by the gaming industry:

Video gaming programming jobs (designing video plays)
Video gaming testing jobs
Art Director
Concept Artists
Level Artists
3-D Artists

The key qualification to be a successful game tester is to have the obsession and avid interest in playing computer gaming. Since gaming industries are providing full time testing jobs, the opportunity for a stable and successful career in game industry has become possible.
Game testing is also similar to a product or web application testing. In this testing, the following things have to be kept in mind:-

First we analyze the game rules and its behavior as we study and analyze requirements in application testing. We have to gain full knowledge of the game so that we can identify exceptional behavior.

We have to test whether the game is working properly as it is supposed to. In testing terminology, we say that we have to perform functional testing.

We have to test the compatibility of the game on different OS/Browser combinations, devices as the end user could use a varied set of devices to play the game on.

If a game is online, then the game testers must verify whether the game can smoothly handle the customers' load. In other words, game testers must perform performance testing on game sites.

In a multi-player game, game tester needs to verify that all players are managed according to game functionality and a fair distribution of game resources is done to all the players.

Bug reporting is also a significant aspect in game testing, like in any other type of testing. In game testing, also, bug reports need to be created and submitted through a bug reporting system.

After the bug is fixed, it needs to be verified by the testers to ensure that it has no more impact on the functionality of the game.

Game testing along with quality of software has now become a sought-after career with emphasis on gaining knowledge. Game testing jobs are considered good options for today's younger generation who are enthusiastic and keen to put in long hours in a career of their interest, which includes good money, too.

Given how gaming can hold an end user's attention for a long period of time, gaming are beginning to be used not just for entertainment, but also for other areas such as education (a brief on this has been blogged at: http://www.qainfotech.com/blog/2011/08/gaming-technology-in-education-%e2%80%93-a-new-career-option-in-software-testing/ ). A lot of research is currently ongoing to see how gaming can be successfully leveraged in such areas. Thus the potential in this domain is unlimited and we are sure to see some revolutionary changes in this industry this coming decade offering good career options for various disciplines including software quality testing.

Shobhit Goyal is an experienced QA Testing Engineer and working with QA InfoTech. For more details on software quality testing visit us at http://www.qainfotech.com/

Please Dumb Down My Video Games for Me, Thanks

Raging on the internet about how games are being "dumbed" down and simplified is all the... erm.. rage these days.

Hordes of "hardcore" gamers flock to gaming forums and mourn the death of games that don't hold the players hand and cannot be completed in 7-10 hours of playing.

They say that the "console kids" of today, with their aversion for anything challenging has ruined game design and turned most modern games into;
"click this button to win. No, not that button, over here. Look, this button he... Never mind, I'll do it for you *click*".

I am going to confess something to you. I *like* that games have become more casual friendly and that they do a better job of introducing the player to game mechanics and how everything works in the game.

I am almost 30 years old and have been playing games since I was 5 (that was on a C64, talk about a non-user friendly machine).

I have a full time job and a girl friend and I have lots of real life obligations that means I cannot spend anywhere close to the amount of time playing video games that I could (and did) when I was a kid or teenager.

Conversely, I have a lot more money to spend than I did as a kid, so buying/renting new games is much less of an issue for me, than it was 15-20 years ago.

If I am lucky I will have maybe an hour or two in the evening on weekdays and maybe two or three hours in the weekend that I can use for playing games.

That gives me somewhere around maybe 10-12 hours of gaming a week on average.

Having been a video game aficionado since before I could read, I really love video games and I generally want to try out many different games, even if they are not exactly in my normal wheelhouse genre.

During a week I can easily play at least 3-4 different games, especially during a "high" season of releases like Q4 that we have just entered now.

Back in the early 90's your game would be considered short if it could be completed in less than maybe 20-25 hours.

I remember the outcry from the gaming community when "Max Payne" launched as one of the first "Triple A" games with a sub 10 hour long campaign.
Gamers simply did not feel that they were getting enough bang for their buck.

I also remember playing X-Com: UFO defense (Which *is* a great game, no argument) and spending at least 10-15 hours messing around before I got enough of a grasp of the game mechanics to not get my butt kicked immediately by the first alien invaders that dropped by.

With my time (and, I am sure, this is the situation for many "older" gamers that have grown up and find their calendars booked with grocery shopping, business meetings and dinner with the in-laws) now being such a scarce resource, I can simply no longer persuade myself to devote time into a game that keeps knowledge of how to play it properly, a well kept secret.

I don't want to play "National Treasure" with the game controls and look for obscure clues that make me go "oh, maybe I need to do this then?" *splat* "No, guess not".

This goes doubly if the game is also one that promises (threatens?) to use up 20+ hours of my time to complete.

If I'm playing a game with a story (and those are usually the games I prefer) then I really want to see that story through to the end, and knowing it's going to take me several months of gaming to do that is actually a daunting proposition to me.

So I am perfectly happy with a campaign that I can complete in 6-8 hours.

I like a game that checkpoints my progress every 10 minutes, so I don't have to replay a one hour section of the game because I screwed up (potentially multiple times, depending on how tough the save system is on you).

Most of all, I like that I can *relax* when I'm playing a game and not stress out in frustration or thinking that I just want to get it done so I can move on to the next game.

And my feeling of self loathing, but that's another article

To the people that feels that this is the largest gaming disaster since the Nintendo Wii, I can only say; Don't worry guys, there will always be a segment of the market that enjoys hugely complex and long games.

Certain people will make time in their lives for a game that *demands* the full and utter attention of the gamer for the duration of its 50+ hours of gameplay.

And some will be satisfied with simply picking up a single game every 6-8 months and just play that religiously, never so much as glancing at what else is out there for them to play.

The success of games like Dark Souls is a testament to this.

As for me, I am looking forward to playing (and completing) several great games in the next few months, such as Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3 and Driver: San Francisco.

And you know what?

I may even set the difficulty to easy for some of them!

Passionate gamer and science fiction lover.

With more than 25 years spent playing video games and reading and watching Sci-fi, these are subjects that are very close to my heart.

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Call of Duty: History of the War-Based Video Game

Any player who is a fan of FPS (First Person Shooter, or FPS games with first person view) may surely have tried at least once a title linked to the most famous brands published by Activision Blizzard. This article will deepen the story that led to prevail Call of Duty as an icon of the games of its kind.

Birth of the brand and game mechanics

Call of Duty, better known among fans by the acronym COD, was founded back in 2003 as a war game set during the Second World War. It saw its gameplay divided into different campaigns: initially in the role of paratrooper soldier Martin who must undertake a series of missions that will provide a substantial contribution to the defeat of the German army. So much for the single-player mode: in the first chapters of the brand, it also adds the ability to undertake multi-player games, such as offering deathmach challenges (fighting to the death), search and destroy, material recovery and defense of headquarters. Present from the outset is a wide selection of maps, a game that is offered by custom.

Evolution at the height of success

Given the success of the first chapter, it was not long before Activision decided to publish a successor in 2005 out of Call of Duty 2, which brings some improvements and innovations such as the replacement of the bar that shows the residual energy of the player, favor of a system of damage that disrupts the gameplay (reduced visibility from the blood, slowed movements, impaired accuracy and so on).

The return of the multiplayer, much admired in the first chapter, is back stronger than a server capable to accommodate up to 8 players and new maps, items. Besides the consent of the fans, the game did get positive reviews from many trade publications. The history of COD is still going up to the height of success with the fourth chapter, Modern Warfare, and the next fifth chapter called World at War. With the success of the fourth, it created the successor, Modern Warfare 2 which resumes gameplay and features, and BlackOps which attained the record of best-selling game of all time in 2010.

Spin-offs and future projects

The positive reaction of the masses has led to the creation of numerous spin-off titles that do not closely link to the events narrated in the official titles of the series, but still making full use of the established system of play. It is also planned for November of 2011, the third output of Modern Warfare, which will add to the chapters already released, bringing the number of Call of Duty products to a total of twelve titles.

Tonja Singh is an expert on Xbox 360 games and writes various game reviews on his blog at DownloadXboxGames.com

How to Get to the Event Stage in "Mega Man: Starforce Dragon"

The event stage is a location in “Mega Man Star Force: Dragon” in Nacy’s department store. The snake exhibit, Wolf Woods and the Heavy Cannon card are all located on or near the stage. The location is a bit unclear when it's first introduced. You can't access the event stage until you reach the appropriate point in the story line. There is a noticeable increase in difficulty upon reaching the event stage compared to the enemies you have previously faced.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1

Play through the story missions until you reach day 14. Luna comes over to your house at the beginning of the day.


Go to Time Square. You can explore this area before proceeding further in the story events, but exploration isn't necessary.


Talk to Sonia. You can find her next to the dog statue located up the stairs in Time Square.


Enter Nacy’s department store located right near the statue. Luna and Sonia both enter the store.


Talk to Sonia once you're inside the store. After a conversation with her, you're informed of the snake exhibit located near the event stage.


Walk up the stairs inside Nacy’s to reach the roof. The event stage is located here.

The Z Finder can be purchased from the ticket machine inside Nacy’s. It can be beneficial to purchase this weapon before going to the event stage, since it's the most powerful weapon available at this point in the game.

Three separate versions of “Mega Man Star Force” were released. The steps for reaching the event stage are identical on all of the versions: Dragon, Leo and Pegasus.

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Fastest WoW Leveling Spec - Death Knight

The Death Knight is a very gratifying class to play in World of Warcraft. Implemented during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, this class starts the game at level 55, as opposed to level one like all other classes. They are a melee class, which means they will fight with up close to the monsters by using a weapon rather than at range.

Of the 3 specs available to a Death Knight the quickest wow leveling spec is Frost, however both Blood as well as Unholy may be leveled easily to 85. Because we're interested in the quickest build, let's take a look at Frost.

WoW Leveling Spec - Frost - Points 1-10

Place your first 3 skill points into Runic Power Mastery. Increases your maximum runic power by 10. (Tier 1)Place the next two skill points into Icy Reach. Increases the range of Icy Touch, Howling Blast and Chains of Ice by 5 yards. (Tier 1)Put your next 3 points in Annihilation. Boosts damage dealt by Obliterate by 15%. (Tier 2)Put the following 2 points into On A Pale Horse. Minimizes movement hampering effects and increases mounted speed. (Tier 2)

WoW Leveling Spec - Points 11-20

Place your next 3 points in Killing Machiine. Your auto-attacks can make the next Frost Strike or Obliterate a Crit. (Tier 3)Place the following 2 points into Chill of the Grave. Chains of Ice, Howling Blast, Icy Touch and Obliterate produce 5 extra runic power. (Tier 3)Put your following 3 points into Rime. Obliterate provides a 15% possibility to cause the next Icy Touch or Obliterate to utilize absolutely no runes. (Tier 4)Place your next point in Pillar of Frost. Increases your strength by 20%. (Tier 4)Place your next point in Icy Talons. Increases attack speed of all party members by 10% as well as your attack rate by 5%. (Tier 4)

WoW Leveling Spec - Points 21-31

Place your next point into Hungering Cold. Freezes all enemies in 10 yards for 10 secs. (Tier 5)Place the following 2 points in Improved Frost Presence. Increases your bonus damage by 2% per pont. (Tier 5)Place the next 2 points into Brittle Bones. Strength increases by 2% per point. (Tier 4)Put the following three points in Might of the Frozen Wastes. With a 2-hander deal 3% more damage per point. (Tier 6)Put your next two points into Merciless Combat Extra damage to targets below 35% health. (Tier 3)Put your next point in Howling Blast. Enormous damage ability. (Tier 7)

The rest of your WoW leveling spec talent point choices will be dependent on your play-style and won't significantly affect your damage per second. Your wow addon choices also affect your damage-per-second, but I will deal with those within another write-up.

Level up Guides for WoW: http://thewowlevelupguide.com/

WoW Leveling Specs, WoW Leveling Charts and daily information posts to make you the best World of Warcraft that you can be regardless of how much time you spend playing.

Angry Bird Mobile - Angry Birds Break Their Way Into Mobile

These cute birds are available everywhere! They are also making their ways to many other mobile devices, some launched and some yet to be launched. Now you don't just have to have the traditional iPhone or iPod to play the game. You can still enjoy the angry bird experience from any phone with Angry Bird Mobile! The graphics on other mobile devices are as great as the iPhone!

iPhone: This is the traditional one. The game was first originally released only for the iPhone and available on other apple devices like iPod touch or iPad. Now it is available for many more devices. It is available on the current version of the iPhone, 4.3 and you can also play it on the newest version 5.0. I phone 5.0 has not yet been released but soon enough it will!

Angry Birds for Nokia Symbian: They are also on Nokia phones. They still have the same gaming interface, but the only thing is that you must have a big screen to fully enjoy the true aspects of the game. It is still a work in progress, so it may not be perfect yet on all Nokia phones. It will keep improving though.

Windows Phone: This one is yet to release. There has been rumors about it releasing sooner, but it just hasn't yet. The official date in June 29th, 2011 and it will release then. It will be cool to see how much angry birds are able to do on the windows phone, but considering how well they have done on android, I know this will also be another success. Hold tight, It will be here soon!

Angry Birds for Android: The stats for this are phenomenal. There have been more than 3 million downloads in one week when this first launched (and I was also one of them). I was overjoyed when I learned I could continue my passion from my smartphone! The interface on the android is also very impressive, but not as good as the iPhone. The touch and the rendering speed is still a little slow, but I am sure that android will fix that to maximize their results. However, I love playing on the android.

Angry Birds for Samsung Phones: Currently, this is only available on the smart phones for Samsung, which probably run on android. You have to be able to connect to the store to download it. Some phones have to be patient and just wait until an option for playing this highly addictive game is available. You can try it out on your phone to see if it works!

Tablets: It was not originally set for nook or kindle, but some smart hackers have been able to get their game on the nook. However, this requires some extreme knowledge. Also the nook has a dimmer screen than mobile phones so the overall aurora is different and I'm not sure how the touch works on the nook either. But hopefully soon there is an option available for nooks and kindles like it is on ipads. That would be great.

There are so many Angry Bird mobile options available and most of them are certainly worth a try. And I know rovio will continue to expand so your gaming experience will be better each time.

Angry Birds are defiantly the next big thing. I am interested in angry birds and the greatest and latest Angry Bird news!

Looney Toons Game Cheats

The "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" video game for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance has a special Password menu in the Options menu, which you can reach from the game's main menu. The Password menu is equipped with a virtual keyboard that you can use to enter cheat codes, which can help you beat the game. These codes have a variety of effects, which range from granting you invincibility to unlocking every level.

There are three cheats that unlock special weapons for Bugs and Daffy. These weapons are the ACME Shrink Ray, which shrinks enemies; the Hen Grenades, which are explosive chickens that you can throw; and Slappy Fish, a fish that you can use to slap enemies. Enter "WEENY" in the password menu to unlock the ACME Shrink Ray. Enter "HENSAWAY" to unlock the Hen Grenades. Enter "SLAPPY" to unlock Slappy Fish.

The costume-related cheats for "Looney Toons: Back in Action" allow you to dress up in different costumes as you play the game. There is also a cheat that lets you use all the costume rental stands for free. Enter "CANNON" to be dressed as a cannonball. Enter "DANGERD" to play the game dressed as Danger Duck. Enter "SUITSYOU" for free costume rentals.

There are two cheats that directly affect your character once you start the game. The first of these cheats grants you invincibility; when you have it activated, you can still get hit by attacks and they may stun you, but you will not take damage. The other cheat gives you extra money to start out with. Enter "TOUGHAGE" to be invincible. Enter "AMUNKEY" to start with an extra $500.

These cheats have a variety of effects on the game. With these cheats, you can reveal all the gossamer doors in Warner Bros. Studios, unlock every location in the game, unlock the Wile E. Coyote mini-game and unlock the Danger Duck battle. Enter "GOBBLE" to reveal all the doors in Warner Bros. Studios. Enter "PASSPORT" to unlock every level in the game without beating the previous levels. Enter "FURRYOUS" to unlock the Wile E. Coyote mini-game. Enter "OUTTAKE" to unlock the Danger Duck battle.

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Assassins Creed Revelation to Be Released in November 2011

The breathtaking and one of the best adventure game series of all time, The Assassins Creed by Ubisoft, is expected to release its next version, Assassins Creed Revelations on November 2011. After the grand success of the three former games,

Ubisoft will release its fourth installment in the Assassins Creed series, Assassins Creed Revelations, on November 15 2011. It is an action packed third person adventure game with a brilliant plot and a background story.

The game will follow the series' standard open-world gameplay. New gameplay additions include an item called the hookblade, which can be used to zipline across the city or grab enemies to yank them in for a combo attack. The hookblade reportedly speeds up navigation by around 30 percent. Along with the hookblade, Ezio will also have 300 different bomb variations at his disposal, which will be craftable.

Multiplayer gameplay is also making a return in Revelations. The mode expands the basics of online modes from Brotherhood with new characters and locations. Players will be able to customize their characters' appearance and weapons, as well as start a guild and create its unique coat of arms. Matchmaking and game interface will be improved. Ubisoft says that while the component is returning, they're putting greater focus towards the narrative, as it's the heart of the franchise. As players level up in the game, they will move up in their Abstergo Templar rank and gain access to more information about the company. New multiplayer modes will be added to the already existing modes, including "story-oriented quests". Some multiplayer maps will be based in the island of Rhodes

Both Assassins Creed 1 and 2 were top hits. But the only problem of these games were less freedom in gameplay. The two games were concentrated on the storyboard of the entire series. So Ubisoft solves the problem with the release of Assassins Creed Brotherhood, which concentrates less on the main storyboard and more on freedom while in gameplay.

In Brotherhood you can buy shops, do many side missions, accompany co-assassins, call horses from wherever you are and u have a great variety of missions. In this game you can where a variety types of clothes, capes, weapons, armor, etc

Anyway you have a terrific twist climax in the main storyboard of the whole series in this one.

In addition to Ezio's award-winning story, the acclaimed online multiplayer experience from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood returns, refined and expanded, with more modes, more maps and more characters that allow players to test their assassin skills against others from around the world. The latest chapter in the Assassin's Creed saga also includes revolutionary gameplay, allowing players to manipulate the construct of Desmond's memories and the Animus to decipher the mysteries of his past and gain insight into the future.

Ubisoft is keeping the fans sit to the brink with its twisting and thrilling background story. More than the extraordinary fighting moves and techniques, fans are eagerly waiting for the continuation of the thrilling story of Desmond Miles.

To know more about Desmond and the thrilling story of the series, watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mYlPTYkvGw&feature=player_detailpage

Online Amigo Bingo Review

Amigo Bingo is the first website to provide multi lingual bingo in English as well as Spanish. The site also provides complete bi-lingual customer service as well as technical support. The website consists of various funny games to play with exciting prizes including trips, cash and jewelry. Amigo bingo also features the largest bonuses for deposits and the biggest payout in terms of percentages of all the online bingo websites.

For hundreds of years, bingo has been the favorite game of most of the people. The name originated from beano because people used beans as markers. Over a period of time, the game progressed and developed to what we see today. It was in the US that the cards for bingo were first developed, and now playing online with cards has become one of the favorite pastimes of most of the people. Many people prefer to play this compared to watching NFL.

Playing online has become fun because you can play at any time of the day whether it is day or night. There is no need for you to wait for the local Thursday night to get your fix. On the contrary, you can log in and play the games at any time of the day as you like. Even if it happens to be 3 o'clock in the morning, you can play the game and win it. Most of the times, people prefer to play to have social times with their family and friends. Online friends may be different from friends in person but you can still enjoy chatting with online friends. Moreover, you can utilize the chat rooms to acquire knowledge, tricks and trips about how to win most of the cash and prizes while playing online games.

The user can participate in a number of games on Amigo. Several games can be played at the same time. You can play these games from anywhere between 1 to 200 cards. Many people prefer to play with 30 to 40 cards. The refer a friend special option on the site enables you to earn up to 50 percent bonus on your next game simply for inviting a friend to join you. A number of promotions and specials are available on a daily basis to make the games thrilling giving you an edge to win.

A person gets 400 percent bonuses for every deposit made and 100 percent bonuses for joining chat. A player gets a free 20 dollars deposit to start the game, if he is a new player who has just signed up. Sometimes, you are required to pay a fee while making a deposit. The fees are charged for covering the service credit offered by them. In order to get your credit, all you have to do is to submit a support ticket. The website also features a bonus deposit program which enables the players to get 10 percent equivalent to all deposits made a month ago at the beginning of the following month.

Playing online can make you an addict without noticing the exact amount of money you are putting as deposit. Hence you have to be attentive about this as well as about the security of the website. Some websites have loose security which may pose risk to your personal details. Be sure to do thorough research about the websites before joining and before entering any kind of credit details. Amigo bingo features a tight security which keeps the dubious people from stealing your personal details.

So don't wait and miss the wide range of games, bonuses and online fun offered by Amigo bingo on a daily basis. For more bingo review visit win365bingo.com

The Stages of Game Development

It's difficult to play a video game without appreciating all that goes into the game development of the world, characters, and concept. Many gamers look to the video game world to provide a form of escape from the daily grind. However, in order for a game to provide this level of enjoyment, it must have a well thought-out game concept, good story/plot, and intricate character development. Game design is a bit of a complicated process, but is much easier to follow when broken up into stages.

Developing the Idea

The first stage of game development is formulating the idea. The concept of a game is usually created by a team of designers that work together to come up with the basic idea. The genre of the game is the first thing that must be decided. Will it be a shooter, action, adventure, action-adventure, role playing, simulation, or strategy game? Once the genre is determined, developers go to work putting together the concept. This leads to the next stage of design which includes the development of the story and characters.

Story and Character Development

During this stage of development, the player's character must be carefully considered. In order to create a successful game, the player must be able to identify with the character and want to play out his or her story. The environment around the player is also designed at this point. In order to properly create the environment, it must be determined how the player will be interacting with the game. After these details are established, the concept is submitted to the decision-makers for approval. If approved, the money is provided for game development

Creating Scenes

During scene creation, a scenario or set of scenarios must be developed. The main scenes vital to the story of the game are described in detail, with focus on the communication between the player and the game. This communication is vital for passing necessary information to the player in a way that does not detract from the engaging story. The main scenes are sketched during this phase and background music and special effects are created as well. Everything is developed with the idea of capturing the player's attention and keeping it.

Production and Testing

When the concept is fully created and the sketches and ideas are completed, it's time take the game out of the imagination of the design team and turn it into a real experience. This is the stage where programmers work on the code to create all the scenes previously described. The graphics are then fine-tuned to bring the world and the characters to life. At this point, everyone on the team must be able to work together on the game design in order for it to succeed. When the programming is completed, game testers begin to search for bugs to help ensure smooth game play before it is released.

Gina Kraft wrote the article for Game Shastra. Gina is a supporter of Game Shastra especially, their Game Development, Game Design, and Game Testers.

iPhone RPG Games

The great thing about the iPhone is its innovative touch screen. Unlike other handheld gaming devices, the touch screen allows you to play games in a whole new style. Some of Japan's most popular RPG gaming franchises have been released on the iPhone with impressive results.

The Final Fantasy franchise is renowned around the world and is arguably the most popular RPG series of all time. The first three Final Fantasy games have been ported to the iPhone and look as brilliant as their handheld companions. Final Fantasy I and II are exact ports from the PSP versions while Final Fantasy III is a direct port from the Nintendo DS version. Final Fantasy III looks brilliant compared to the Nintendo DS original and its touch screen controls makes battles smoother and faster.

This is because you can use your finger to pick and choose which enemies you want to attack. It's a much better system than using the controller to scroll through the enemies all the time. I've played a ton of turn-based RPG games in my life and there's nothing worse than accidentally choosing the wrong enemy to kill in the heat of battle. In the iPhone versions, you shouldn't encounter such problems as this...

Scrolling through the world maps is also less frustrating. Just put your finger on the corner of the screen and you character will move automatically. The other great thing about the iPhone version of the Final Fantasy games is that they all retain the beautiful cutscenes that the series is famous for.

One of Japan's other most popular RPG franchise is the Monster Hunter series. Unlike with the Final Fantasy games, Monster Hunter titles have no story as it's all about you hunting rare beasts in various exotic locations. The newest Monster Hunter game released is Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting. The touch screen plays a huge role in the game yet it's simple to learn the controls.

Tapping the screen with your finger allows you to attack, while sliding your fingers across the screen allows you to move. Using more than one finger will initiate other controls such as rolling out of danger and blocking. It's a unique approach to the game and RPG fans will love the new way of playing Monster Hunter. Graphically the game is similar to that of the PSP version.

Not all of the iPhone RPG games are 3D powerhouses however. There are a ton of games that gamers from the '90s will appreciate. There are a number of old-school 2D RPG games available that are similar to Nintendo's Zelda games. One of the most popular iPhone RPG games is a game called Across Age. It's got pretty 2D visuals and offers hours of fun.

There are a number of titles available for the iPhone that RPG fans both old and young alike will enjoy playing. Not to mention they're all pretty affordable and can all be easily downloaded from Apple's own app store. The only thing iPhone owners need to check before they purchase these games is if they have enough memory space left to download them. Other than that, it's a pretty easy process.

If you're want to play iPhone RPG games then Bestonlinerpggames.com is is for you.

Cheats and Hints for "Brick Breaker"

Fans of the Blackberry's "BrickBreaker" game often search the Internet for cheat codes that will help them get through all 34 levels. A lot of different cheat codes have been introduced in forums throughout the years, but none of them work. Some of these codes will even exit you from your game, meaning that you'll have to start over again from Level 1. Some tips and hints for "Brick Breaker" will be more effective in helping you get through the grueling levels.

Keep your fingers nimble and your attention focused on the ball. Whenever possible, make sure the ball hits your paddle in the center. Hitting the ball with the sides of the paddle can send it spiraling out of control or speed up its flight. If you start to get tired, take a break and resume your game later.

Only collect capsules that are easily reachable. Don't lunge for an out-of-reach capsule; the loss of life isn't worth the extra 50 points it will give. At the higher difficulty levels, be selective as to what capsules you pick up. By forgoing the extra points you might get from a "Flip" capsule, you'll avoid the headache of playing the rest of the level with reversed controls.

The ultimate secret to "BrickBreaker" is simple survival. Don't focus on your score during the first two play-throughs. Once you beat all 34 levels for the first time, the game will start you back at Level 1 with the ball flying faster than before, which will make things much more challenging. Beating the game a second time makes the ball fly slowly in every level.

Once you've beaten the game twice, go for big scores on your third play-through. The ball will be moving slowly, so you will be able to boost your scores into the six-figure range by being a little more aggressive. If you stay focused, maxing out your score will be easy.

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5 Best Free Games for iPad: Confessions of a Gameaholic

An iPad has become a wonderful gaming platform leaving other consoles merely toys. To tell you the truth, I have become a gamaholic with the release of Apple's tablet computer. This gadget has even changed my daily routine.

I used to get up early in the morning, check my email and spend half an hour reading news, hot stories and preparing for my classes. And now I start my morning searching for the new games for iPad. I launch the App Store and run through game reviews to download another free app or game and test it before sharing it with my friends.

This device has become an iconic for many people. It quickly replaces popular gaming consoles since more and more developers create iOS games that are not only cool and fun to play but also free to get.

Here are the best free games for iPad that I cannot stop playing. They are very addictive.

1. PIY 4 HD is a great free game for music fans. Its full name is PlayItYourself 4 HD. This game will not teach you how to play the piano, but you will feel what it is like to be a musician, and maybe you'll even consider learning to play the piano one day in the future.

You score by following the notes highlighted on your screen. The music is amazing, no matter how quick or slow you are. So your children should enjoy it as well as you.

You can play only one melody in the beginning of this game. It is Beethoven's Fur Elise. But you can unlock other tunes by scoring and spending your points on the new unlocks.

2. Angry Birds Free HD Rio: If you have ever played Angry Birds you should know how addictive this game is. It's one of the best iOS games ever developed.

The Rio version of Angry Birds includes 12 cool levels. The graphics are amazing. You get to "send your birds" flying in Rio de Janeiro and fight against monkeys. Your main goal is, surely, to free your friends.

If you ever get tired of fun levels, just play beach ball game instead.

3. Words With Friends HD Free: It is one of my favorite free games ever. It is the best version of a popular childhood game.

You can play it with millions of iPad users from all over the world. Build new words, score and challenge your family to bit you in this fun game of word building.

You can enjoy 20 games at one time and invite your Facebook friends to compete with you.

4. AD Jewels ShooterHD: This game is perfect for the fans of Zuma. Do you remember that bubble shooter? Well, AD Jewels ShooterHD is a great "zuma" game for the iPad.

You can choose one of the four modes available. It is easy to play. Simply connect at least three diamonds of one color and they will be destroyed. Your game will come to an end if the stack reaches the bottom.

Place your finger where you want the diamond to shoot, and then release it.

5. GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD: It is difficult to find the best racing games among all the free games available. They are all cool and fun to play, but still I have found a couple of apps that I can't stop playing.

GT Racing is one of them. It is free and it lets you challenge your driving skills. You need to win races in order to unlock new cars and racing events. There is an option to buy multipliers and packs from your game for users who are impatient to unlock vehicles and events.

Discover hundreds of other best iPad games and applications, and share your gaming experience with your family and friends.

How to Get Hoverboots in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

Many items exist in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" which aid Link in his adventure through the land of Hyrule. The Hoverboots is one example of an item found as you progress through the game. When equipped, the Hoverboots allow Link to float for a brief duration. This allows him to float over gaps in the floor to cross over to otherwise inaccessible areas. This item is obtained in the Shadow Temple, a dungeon which becomes available after Link transforms into an adult.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1

Clear the Water Temple and The Well dungeons as adult Link. Clearing the Water Temple gives Link access to the Shadow Temple. Clearing The Well rewards Link with the Lens of Truth, which is required to enter the Shadow Temple.


Visit the Kakariko Village as adult Link. Once you enter the village. Shiek teaches you the Nocturne of Shadow. This song allows Link to enter the Shadow Temple.


Play the "Nocturne of Shadow" as adult Link to be teleported to the Graveyard.


Use Din's Fire to light all the torches in the area. This opens the path to the Shadow Temple.

5 1

Use the Longshot to cross the pit in the first room of the Shadow Temple.


Use the Lens of Truth to walk past the wall.


Use the Lens of Truth on the wall to the left. This reveals a hidden door. Go through the door.


Walk through the room and use the Lens of Truth on the wall to the very north. There are two hidden rooms. Entering the first room and defeating the enemies inside rewards Link with a Dungeon Map. The second room contains the Hoverboots.


Enter the second room and defeat the Deadhand. After you defeat him, you obtain the Hoverboots.

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Video Games As A Form Of Expression

In this day and age, where more people than ever opt to stay in and play video games, it is easy for critics to blindly state that the joyful freedom of expression that we gain from activities such as soccer, music, or perhaps painting for example, has been lost. However, due to the advancement in technology, the very video games that have been slammed by many, now have the power to allow the user to create and express themselves in the company of an unprecedented number of people.

Gone are the days of "Pong" and "Donkey Kong" where you were limited to simplistic actions. These have been replaced instead by sophisticated games which allow the user to act in such a way that the possibilities of what you can do are almost endless. Popular games such as the "FIFA" series allow the player to pull off a multitude of complex moves with undetermined end results, meaning that the scope of what you can do is truly enormous. The joy of planting the ball in to the top corner after a superb flowing move is an incredible sensation, something beautiful that your skill and expertise has created. Artistry is not normally a term you would have associated with video games in the past, but nowadays it is very much a relevant term when describing aspects of the gaming world.

It is the incredibly complex programming and powerful machines which have allowed computer games to provide such unpredictable gaming patterns, and therefore scope for a wide range of results. The subtleties of a video game are so hard to pick up on now, that when you do it is an incredibly satisfying feeling when you do perfect these techniques to improve your skill levels that much further. As it is for a gymnast when they finally land that front flip, it is great to be able to demonstrate your skill on a video game when you have finally overcome a certain challenge. It is a way of expressing and exhibiting a difficult ability you have managed to perfect.

Another way in which the video game can allow for excellent levels of expression for the user, is that it can delve into the realms of fantasy. Of course, games don't have to be realistic, which means all forms of unthinkable things can be achieved. Where else can you summon dragons, leap at lightning speed from building to building, or transform yourself into beast form? Certainly not in real life, which gives video gaming even greater scope for the expression of imaginative, creative ideas.

Probably the greatest advancement for video game players in terms of expression, though, must be the implementation of online gaming. In most walks of life, it is only the people at the top of their profession who get to show off their skills to a large audience. For instance, it is only really the multi platinum selling musicians that get to play their music to packed stadiums, or the brightest artistic talents who get their work into the most famous of galleries. Those who still love their professions but aren't at the top of their game yet will find it very difficult to express their talents to a large audience.

This is very different for gamers, thanks to the phenomenon of online gaming. Now gamers can upload their best clips, play against people from all over the world, and also chat and socialise with them. There are very few other activities where this can be done. Now, that top corner goal you scored on FIFA after that superb flowing move can be seen by millions. You may have achieved this sitting in a friends lounge, but this expression of skill can be viewed by almost anyone. It is a powerfully emotive feeling knowing that what you have just produced can bring joy to such a large number of people.

The combination of almost limitless boundaries, the perfection of skills, and the ability to share this with all corners of this world, means that video games now offer the most incredible way in which to express yourself. Traditional activities for displaying artistry and skill still remain, and stay very important in today's world, but they now have a virtual rival that is looking to sweep them to one side.

What Is the New Playstation Vita by Sony?

Everyone is talking about the new upcoming game console by Sony, which is Playstation Vita that is going to be released late this year. Get in the know and find out what people have been talking about, and why. This article discusses the fuss about this new handheld game console.

In early 2011, everyone was so excited about this new upcoming handheld game console by Sony, which back then was codenamed Sony NGP, or Sony Next Generation Portable. In June 2011, during the E3 Expo (Electronics Entertainment Expo) that took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sony announced that the official name for this new handheld game console will be Playstation Vita, also called PS Vita, sometimes also written as PSVita, without the space in between the word PS and Vita.

Critics have good praise for this device, with most game critics citing that it will probably be the best handheld console out there that will defeat Nintendo 3DS (also called 3DS) hands down, and Nintendo 3DS was only launched February this year (Japan) and March this year in North America. Playstation Vita, or PS Vita is speculated to take most of the market share from Nintendo 3DS when it is released. The official release date for this console still has not been announced yet, as of now. However, many have speculated that the console will be released as early as November this year in Europe, and probably after Christmas this year in North America. However, this is only speculation and we are yet to hear from Sony official representatives regarding the release dates. Many have expressed their disappointment to the rumor that this console will not be launched before Christmas. Many are hoping to get this console for Christmas as a Christmas present.

Some die-hard Apple iPhone fans may not like this game console though, thinking that this gaming device is a 'threat' to their beloved iPhone (even though both products clearly have different target market than PS Vita). Whatever it is, PS Vita is already climbing the chart in Video Games category on pre-order on Amazon.com and many other online retailer websites like Best Buy.

If you are a casual gamer there's a chance you won't like this device though, as this device is probably built with 'hardcore gamers' in mind. This device is clearly targeting 'gamers' who are always looking for new features and looking for maximum gaming experience. Since PS Vita also allows you to save and play your PS3 games on it, this will be a really great feature for gamers alike.

The author can be found on most PS Vita and PlayStation forums. He is also running a PS Vita website dedicated for PS Vita news and updates.

Games Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a new video game, but there are many newly released, awesome games, and you are not sure which to buy?

Buying a new video game may not be as straightforward task as it looks; you may end up wasting your money on a poor game if you do not research it first. I said research? Yes, even for a small task like buying a new video game you need a little research. Most people don't do that research before spending their money on a video game, although it takes only a few minutes to do it.

Why research a video game before buying it? Because there are many games that look amazing, but they are actually poor games that you will not be satisfied with, such poor games could be attractive for buyers because of a well done marketing combined with some false reviews from top games reviewers.

There are many reasons why a professional reviewer may not give an accurate review. Firstly, take into consideration that the reviewer has a large number of titles to review each month, and so he may not be able to give enough time testing for each one. Secondly, even for a professional reviewer with unbiased opinion his personal taste may unintentionally affect his review and the total score for the video game (for score based reviews) and thus giving an inaccurate indication. And finally, some games with very successful previous releases may impose a false assumption on the reviewer that it will be as good as its previous releases.

The easy steps to do before buying a new video game:

1- Read the review from multiple trusted sources.
2- Look for users' reviews. Some games websites give you the average user score; this score is more accurate than the score from professional reviewers because it is directly from the end users.
3- Watch game-play videos and don't rely on official trailer. Search YouTube for game-play videos to see the game in action.
4- Always play the Demo before buying. Almost all games have a demo to try, so why not? Go ahead and try it.
5- Try to avoid games from an unknown publisher. You don't want to end up dealing with a buggy product and poor customer support.

Find latest video games releases and do the above steps before buying any new video game to avoid wasting your money on another so-so game, and if you are still not sure about a particular game then ask people who have played it, the easiest way to do that is to join forums talking about that game.

What Makes Batman Games Famous?

If you know Superman then you must also know Batman. In the superhero world of DC comics, Batman and Superman are best friends although they have different views, different ways, and different means to take on a problem. Superman and Batman are never alike in many ways yet they are one in a single goal - to save the world from all evil forces. Batman is one of the most loved characters of all time. As a proof, there more than hundreds of Batman games readily available online for avid fans. These games can help them go through the times when there is no Batman movie or TV series in the works.

Batman is known by a number of names. He is The Caped Crusader, The Silent Guardian, and The Dark Knight. He lives in the city of Gotham, the same city he vows to protect and save from all bad elements. As a superhero, he doesn't have any superficial powers. His abilities come from sheer human physical qualities, strong instinct, and high intellect. His only advantage is the fact that he has a lot of help from the many technologically advanced gadgets coming from his secret state-of-the-art laboratory. Batman is Bruce Wayne, an American billionaire who possesses the charms to attract beautiful women. He is also a philanthropist and an industrialist, a common feature to men of high stature.

From this context Batman ruled the comic book world. He appeared in Detective Comics episode 27 and the rest, as they say, is history. From the pages of the comics he captured even more following via an animated series. Then he was also featured in several blockbuster movies. It follows that any character this popular would eventually find his way to a lot of different items, toys, merchandise, and of course, gaming consoles.

The very first of several Batman games was released in 1986. The game was self-titled and was made for a Nintendo family computer. Soon, there were 25 more titles created, with the latest one being The Brave and the Bold - The video game. This one was based on a Batman animated series. There are batman games that are based on movies as well, such as Batman Forever: The Arcade Game.

Batman games are available in almost all gaming machines from the older NES to the newer Nintendo Wii. These games are very famous that a lot of fans and avid game players own at least one of them. But the best part of it all is the fact that Batman games are also easily available over the worldwide web, and are usually obtainable free of charge.

Gamers would definitely like these games as each of them has all the elements needed to start a thrilling experience. Batman games are mostly arcade games, action, and adventure games. You are sure to enjoy controlling Batman and help him get through the game with flying colors. Batman games are created with such taste and relevance to the theme that fans will find it the best past time. If you're a real Batman fan and you would like to enjoy everything about this game, then you are going to have a field day with the choices that you have online.

Luciano Figallo - Developer, webmaster and owner of several entertainment sites including music, video and gaming.
Do you want to play Spiderman games online? then visit Spiderman Games and play the most amazing Spiderman games online for free.

Geist of Saint Traft (MTG Innistrad Spoiler for Standard Decks)

When I first saw Geist of Saint Traft (GST) I was very impressed, I mean how many cards come in as a 2/2 for 3 mana with protection from spells and abilities that your opponent controls or more simply put, hexproof. GST doesn't stop there with its strong ability but it also unleashes a 4/4 flying angel whenever he attacks.

When is the last time you could say a three drop could do a massive six damage?

Picture this.

Turn 1: drop blueTurn 2: drop white and cast Honor of the PureTurn 3: drop white and cast Geist of Saint TraftTurn 4: Cast another Honor of the Pure and send in GST creating his guardian angel and pulling off a massive 10 damage.Turn 5: Attack and do another 10 damage. Opponent dealt with in five turns.

Your opponents might put up some obstacles but the principle is there and a simple Galvanic Blast or Arc Trail still won't be able to stop GST. He can't be tapped, controlled or blasted making him very dangerous.

The amazing thing is with hexproof is that it prevents him from being targeted by your opponent but you can still target him. There are a host of options are available to take advantage of this ability. You can run red and drop a Goblin Tunneler into the mix making GST unblockable whenever he attacks. Neurok Invisimancer makes him unblockable for one turn.

Equipment is an excellent friend of GST. Nim Deathmantle turns GST into the walking dead but more importantly gives him +2+2 and intimidate making him bigger and much harder to block. If your opponent does kill him, pay four mana and he goes back in the battlefield pumped up ready for more action.

Strider Harness can also make him harder to kill with a small power/toughness boost and a surprise attack using haste. Of course, you can equip him with one of the mythic Swords. The Swords turn any creature into a major threat.

Also, you can play removal spells to clear the way for GST to attack unimpeded. Spells like Dismember, Vapor Snag, and Arrest can deal with opposing blockers. Creatures like Blinding Souleater can tap annoying creatures. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite shrinks your opponent's creatures while boosting GST and his guardian angel.

I can see this card being a big favorite among players running blue/white decks. These decks can be constructed around Geist of Saint Traft by giving him as many ways to stay alive during combat so that he can continue attacking with his 4/4 guardian angel.

Want more Magic The Gathering strategy? Check out my Magic the Gathering blog.

I write about MTG strategy for Standard so you can win more matches at FNM and other tournaments. For example, here are some deck building tips for the new Innistrad planeswalker, Liliana of the Veil.

How To Make Money Online By Writing Video Game Reviews

The internet provides you with various new and exciting ways to earn money every day. It does not matter if you are currently working a part time job or a full time one, there are plenty of ways to make quick, extra money on the internet. Writing video game reviews is one of the things that you can do. Nowadays, there are many websites you can use to publish your reviews and earn money from them. Yes, it is possible to get extra income from writing and many people have tried their luck in this kind of job.

If you are a video game enthusiast, and you always keep up to date with the latest games in the market, then this job is perfect for you. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of writing reviews, you might want to know the tricks to do it right. Below are some tips worth trying:

1. Publish your reviews on different websites. If you expect a good earning, then you should post your reviews on at least 4 websites or even more. There are revenue share sites where you can get a percentage of the advertising revenue from your articles. You also have the option to start a blog but it may take a bit more time to generate money. The revenue share sites offer a quicker way to earn money than a blog. If you choose to have a blog, you will have to spend more time and put in more effort to make sure that it gets a good ranking on search engines.

2. Don't just stop on one review, you should publish as many as you can. It is important to publish more articles so you can earn more money. It is also important for you to maintain your articles so that you can still earn money from them in years to come. This enables you to build up readership, link your work to get higher rank on the search engine, and learn more about your trade.

3. In order to write good reviews, you have to play many different video games. However, video games are not exactly cheap and you may not have the time to play all the latest games in the market. A good solution to overcome this problem is by rewriting your reviews and posting them at the websites that you write for. You can talk about the different aspects of a game in several articles.

4. Don't forget to expand your topic. Besides game reviews, you can also write game tips, list of top 10 best action games, cheat codes, and many more.

It takes time before you can earn a steady income, but with perseverance and creativity, you can succeed. In the first month, you may only earn few cents per article but don't take it as an obstacle. Your earning will increase as long as you keep writing and publishing the reviews on the internet.

Get a broader insight about the latest games with our best game review and the best game news.

5 Deus Ex Lessons for Wannabe Super Agents

Deus Ex: Human Revolution puts you in the role of Adam Jensen, badass extraordinaire. Ex-cop and head of security of one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world, Adam is a man that can get the job done.

Budding agents can take many key lessons to heart from Deus Ex.

Like how crawling out from a ventilation shaft into someones office and reading their personal e-mails, while the inhabitant of said office is looking right at you, is perfectly fine behavior and will not cause any suspicion at all.

I have managed to narrow down the five points that I think are the most essential for any super agent in the making.

5. Breaking and entering:

When trying to gain access to a building don't just go for picking a lock or breaking open a window like an amateur.

Instead you should look for a ladder or a ventilation shaft. All high security buildings will inevitably have an entryway left inexplicably unguarded.

And since we all know that all ventilation shafts in high security buildings must be large enough to accommodate a grown man and be covered with easily removable grilles, this is the obvious means of entry for any classy super agent.

Doors are for newbies

4. Cracking the code:

As a super agent you will often be called on to crack computers on door keypads (no, you can't just break the door, that would be unsportsmanlike).

Should your hacking skills not be pro enough for the task, then you need not worry.
People, especially those working for top secret organizations, all have the memory and common sense of a gold fish.

Not only are they completely unable to remember any password they are given beyond the time it takes to boil an egg, but they also have no qualms about writing down that password in an e-mail or on a notepad lying a couple of feet from the protected asset.

3. In the line of fire:

Even a sneaky super agent needs to be able to handle himself in a firefight. Should you find yourself under attack from private security guards, then you just need to remember that private security has only been trained in shooting at targets out in the open.

Simply get in a ventilation shaft (it's a high security building, there is bound to be at least two within 20 yards) and hang out as the guards fire ineffectively into the wall above the vent, vexed by the situation of having to depress their angle of fire by 15-45 degrees.

Not only that, the guards will try to solve this complex conundrum of vectors by going right up to the ventilation shaft entrance, emptying clip after clip into the wall in frustration as they go.
All you need to do is sit back and wait, then blast off their kneecaps when the opportunity presents itself.

2. Up close and personal:

Not every combat situation will be one resolved with firearms. A good super agent must be ready to take down his opponent with his bare hands as well.

In cases like these it pays to know about the phenomenon known as "temporary paralysis by awesome", which all security guards suffer from.

You see, as long as you can take down an opponent in a sufficiently impressive manner, such as tapping him on the shoulder and then punching him unconscious with a single blow to the head, then any fellow guards nearby will simply be too impressed to react while you perform this feat.

They'll carry on doing whatever they are doing, blankly staring at you as you brutally induce severe head trauma to their friend.

This will give you time to make for the nearest vent and prepare to bust some caps.

1. Elbow blades:

If possible, get some. They are great.

I'm a passionate gamer and lover of science fiction.

With more than 25 years of gaming and consuming sci-fi in every media form, I consider myself something of an expert.

I write reviews, impressions, opinion pieces and things that are just meant to make you smile.

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Datel's Action Replay series of video game cheat cartridges allows players to preserve game data, store cheat codes and access locked game features. The Action Replay DSi is compatible with Nintendo's DS, DS Lite and DSi models and links to the consoles through the DS game port. Using a MicroSD card in conjunction with the Action Replay cartridge allows players to back up saved game data stored on their DS cartridges and to restore the saved state in the event of an error or malfunction.

Difficulty:Moderately EasyMicroSD cardDSi Action Replay cartridgeNintendo DSiNintendo DS game cartridge1

Insert a MicroSD card into the MicroSD slot on the left side of your Action Replay DSi cartridge.


Insert a Nintendo DS game into the top slot of the Action Replay DSi cartridge.


Place your Action Replay DSi cartridge in the DS cartridge slot of your Nintendo DSi and press the "Power" button to turn on the console.


Tap the DS game icon on your home screen to run the Action Replay service.


Scroll down to the "Saves" option in the main menu with your D-pad and press "A." Select the "Backup Game Save" option in the subsequent menu and press "A."


Enter the title of the currently inserted DS game using the on-screen keyboard and press "Continue." Select "Yes" and press "A" to confirm that the displayed name is correct.


Enter a name for your game's backup data file with the on-screen keyboard. Press "Continue" when you have finished typing and select "Yes" to confirm the file name.


Return to the main menu and select the "Saves" option. Scroll to the title of your game in the "Saves" menu and press "A." Select the name assigned to your recently saved file to access your stored game data.

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Video Game Testing 101

As a subset of 'game development', testing is a software testing process that is used in the quality control and regulation of video games. The main purpose of game testing is to uncover and document software defects that may have slipped past the programming process. A game needs to be tried and tested before it is launched in the market in order to win customer satisfaction and maintain a high quality gaming experience for its audience.

During the earlier stages of design and development, the developer was usually the one who did all the testing. A maximum of 2 testers were allowed for every game and there were also cases where programmers did all the testing.

Quality assurance has always been an integral part of every programming process. As video games became more sophisticated, quality assurance became a necessity and this is where "on- the-spot" game testers came in.

Game testing usually begins as soon as the initial code is created and goes on until the game reaches completion. The primary QA team usually monitors the fame starting from its initial submission to the establishment of a test plan. The testing team usually focuses on new codes at the early stage of game development.

Alpha Testing. This form of game testing is done to make sure that the initial foundations of the game actually work. Alpha testing is the initial testing performed during the game's earliest stages, and the procedure is usually executed by staff in the development studio or individuals hired directly by the publishers. These alpha testers are usually required to work in the game development studio and are asked to go through the entire course of the game until it is fully operational.

Beta Game Design. Beta testing can be performed at home or by other outsourcers. In special cases, it can also be done by unpaid volunteers just like in online games where basic technology and stress tests between servers is done. Paid Game Testers are much more involved in this stage because of all the necessary details needed to determine how well the game is functioning.

Quality Assurance. When a video game reaches its finished state, testers are integral in quality assurance. This is where many testers obtain their initial jobs and run the same levels over and over again to check for even the most minute bugs and glitches of the game.

Console Hardware. Console testing is usually done on a consumer system and a special test facility is often provided for publishers and developers. Among the most popular tools being used includes "devkits" (software development kits) and debug/test kits. Devkits are commonly used by programmers for lower level game testing, and usually display higher hardware specs and increased memory. This allows programmers to estimate a game's performance without focusing too much on optimizations.

Test kits frequently have similar hardware specs and an appearance similar to that of a consumer unit but with added connectors and ports for testing.

Gina Kraft wrote the article for Game Shastra. Gina is a supporter of Game Shastra especially, their Game Design, game programming, and game development areas.

What Is Yahtzee?

To those who are unfamiliar with Yahtzee is, it is actually a dice game that was created by Milton Bradley. However according to Hasbro, the company who now owns and holds the rights of the game, the game was invented by a Canadian couple who used to play the game with their friends in their yacht back in 1954. It was then later commercialized by Edwin S. Lowe, a well-known game entrepreneur, in the year 1956.

The popular yacht game became known as Yahtzee, as what Lowe called it. The game did not gain instant popularity right away when it was introduced. So what Lowe did was he threw parties here and there and introduced the games there because he believed that for people to appreciate the game, they have to play it. The game became popular by word of mouth and soon enough about 40 million Yahtzee games were sold not only in America but all over the world.

In the 1970's the Lowe Company was brought over by the Milton Bradley Company as well as the rights to the game. The game gained millions of fans all around the world after this and each year it was estimated that about 50 million Yahtzee games are sold worldwide.

How do you play the game?

The game is fairly simple and depends largely on the player's luck. It can be played alone or by a group. The main goal or objective of this game, as in any game, is to get the highest score (of course). There are 13 rounds of this game and in each of these rounds, the players choose a specific combination and then he or she rolls the dice to try and get that combo in every one of the 13 categories. A player must score in every one of the categories. The scoring is different for each category and there are rules determining it.

The player's score from the last roll is automatically considered valid if the player is able to roll the dice in all three turns. Keep in mind that it is not always possible for each player to score in each of the categories (13 in all) so when a player or each of the player scores or gets a zero for all 13 categories (rounds), the game ends and the scores are all summed up.

A Yahtzee or "Five of a Kind" gives a player the highest possible score in the game. A "Five of a Kind" is worth 50 points.

This article is written by Hagai Baig about Yahtzee. I am very much capable of writing almost anything and I only put the real review of things which I my self see and analyses, post true review. I am a freelancer writer and write quality post. Also works for a firm named Hukumat.

StarCraft 2 - 7 Easy Tips to Winning With Zerg, Protoss, and Terran

Winning in Starcraft is much easier than many believe. The truth is that many players are simply unaware to basic game mechanics that will give most new players a 90 % win rate in bronze all the way to top ten in diamond league. There is just a few simple tips that one must remember in order to do this. Here are 7 tips that will change your game play so much you wont believe it was that simple.

1. Picking your Race: There is much debate about which race is the easiest to play out of bronze and up to diamond. The truth is any race can be played and win games with, as long as the player is comfortable. But, honestly in my opinion it will be much easier for a player to master protoss than zerg or terran. This is due to the straight forward nature of protoss. As for terran you can still reach the same levels as you would with protoss but it will be more difficult for you to compete once u reach diamond and above. Finally zerg will take a deeper understanding of the game alongside a grasp on game mechanics in order win consistently

2. MACRO!, MACRO!, MACRO!: The term macro which refers to hotkeying your units or structures by holding down Ctrl and pressing a numerical number. this will allow you to control the unit or structure while not having to click on it or even be looking at it. So you can focus on attacking while still building workers and sending reinforcements to aid in the battle

3. Workers win games: It is a must to constantly produce workers through the game till all expansions are saturated with 20 workers on minerals and 6 on gas. The key to winning is a strong economy hands down

4. Scouting: Many low level players do not scout nearly enough, by watching what your opponent is building, you are able to prepare for the units he is using. Rather than being surprised when he knocks on your back door with 40 void rays and your forces are on other side of map

5. Map control: this is achieved by having units in all areas of map especially expansion zones. furthermore, this aided by having multiple expansions all across map.

6. Controlling opponents economy: You will win every single game you play if you can prevent your opponent from expanding his economy. As long as u keep building units and preventing him from expanding you will starve him to defeat

7. Keeping up with supply: One of the worst mistakes a player can do is supply block himself by not building enough pylons, supply depot's, or overlords. this will severely cripple your unit out put as well as worker output and in return gives your enemy enemy the upper hand. NEVER become supply blocked

These tips will greatly improve your game to the higher leagues, and they will amaze you. If you want to see my complete guide to winning with Full strategy analysis for every race, as well as powerful build orders that will crush your opponent at http://sc2pro.blogspot.com/

How to Fix Orange Lines on Wrye Mash

WyreMash is a useful third-party modding management tool that can used with the role-playing game "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" to customize your playing experience. You can easily add mods that do everything from changing the basics of the gameplay to the character models displayed. However, when the program loads mods into the game, a visual glitch is known to occur that makes orange lines appear within the game. The glitch can occur for a variety of reasons, so it may take you a several steps to solve the problem. For the most part, though, the glitch will not harm any of your game or mod files.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1

Reload the game. Occasionally, a mod is not loaded into the game properly and begins to interfere with the game's existing interface. If this occurs, sometimes restarting the program, or pressing "Alt" and "Tab" simultaneously to minimize the game, can fix the error.


Clear up some processes from your system's memory. Even though it is an older game, "Morrowind" can take a considerable amount of your system's resources to run. If you do not have enough visual memory available, you may see orange lines run across the screen, as WyreMash does not have enough resources to properly load the modded item.


Reload the mod into WyreMash. To load it into the game, the mod must first load into WyreMash. If it does not do so properly, elements of the mod can be missing, which can cause the orange lines to appear. Typically, this is fixed by simply reloading the mod into WyreMash.


Reinstall WyreMash. If all else fails, you can reinstall the program to correct any problems that may be permanently occurring with the software. Files can become corrupted for a variety of reasons over time, or even during the installation process, but performing a full reinstall of the program usually corrects any issues the program has.

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Looking for Flexible Options to Enhance Your Video Gaming Experience?

For many gamers, renting video games from their local video or movie store was once the best and only way to rent games. This old-fashioned method of both renting and buying games is really a thing of the past. Online shopping has truly changed the way that we do just about everything in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to video gaming. The recent shift in our society toward doing most of our business online means that many of the stores that previously carried video games have gone out of business or closed their doors for good. This means hard times for those businesses, but also hard times for the gamers who used those stores for purchasing games. When doing your online shopping for other important items, consider searching for the latest and greatest in video games as well. Here are some tips to get you started.

1- Consider your Current Collection

It seems that so often, we buy the same types of games over and over again. Or, we purchase a new video game and stop playing our old and outdated games and they just lie on a shelf and gather dust. If you have a large collection of video games at your home and rarely or never use any of them, consider selling them for money. Look through your entire collection with a critical eye and weed out the games that you do not like or no longer play. Selling these items online is a great way to make extra money that can be used towards buying the next great new game right as it is release from the video gaming companies.

2- Search for the Best Websites

There are hundreds of websites on the internet dedicated to games and gaming needs. Do a general search for information and products and then narrow down the best and brightest in the industry. Doing your online shopping is easy and it is much more convenient than having to get in your car and drive to the local store. You can now buy all these games from the comfort of your home and have them delivered right to your doorstep. It's just that easy. A lot of websites let you sign up for an account and pay a small fee to actually rent games either one at a time or four at a time, depending on your needs. With these services, you can rent a game, send it back and then receive a new one a few days later. There really is something for everyone when it comes to these video gaming websites and services.

3- Use Technology to your Advantage

If you have a full-time job or other major obligations, it can often be very hard to find the time to search through the racks at your local video game or electronics store to find the latest games. Or, you do not have the time to search through rack after rack of games for the best deal or your new favorite game. This is where online shopping saves you the time and hassle of having to go through this process. It's just that easy!

Learn about the latest in video games and purchasing options for your favorite hobby. Search for the best pieces and deals at MyReviewsNow.

Play Sonic Games: The Choices You Have and What They Can Do For You

Studies show that games, more particularly video games, can actually be used to treat certain health concerns such as depression, addiction, and anxiety. So if you feel some stress in your body, maybe you should play Sonic games and you will be free of them almost immediately. For those who don't know Sonic, he is the cute and cuddly hedgehog that had served as Sega's mascot for the longest time. Sonic is also the protagonist of several dozens of media offerings.

If you want to keep your mind off your worries even for a short period of time, try playing the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game. There's also Rad Mobile, the racing game where Sonic first appeared. Since the release of the first Sonic platform game, more than 50 titles hit the market with all of them following the same feel and strategies included as the original one. Play Sonic games now and compare it with how they did it in 1991. You'll be surprised there won't be much difference across the versions at all.

There are Sonic titles included in all other genres and they may appear in both 2D and 3D versions. Aside from Rad Mobile, other Sonic racing games include are Sonic Drift series, Sonic R, Sonic Riders, and Sonic Rivals. As for fighting games, the titles include Sonic the Fighter and Sonic Battle. Sonic has RPG's too and the most famous one is Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

With all the different types of Sonic titles available, the choices players have are pretty much varied. You can play Sonic as much as you want as well. The internet is filled with this character and you are sure to have a field day playing one game after the other. Sonic definitely knows how to capture the hearts of gaming aficionados.

However, the most interesting Sonic offering would be the one that featured its arch rival in terms of sales and market share, Super Mario. There's a party game called Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and that is just one of the crossover appearances of this character into Nintendo's world and vice versa. There are many other versions like it and most of them are easily available over the internet.

Play Sonic games and you are definitely going to feel good right after. The adrenalin rush that they provide can put you in an excited state - a state where worries doesn't have to exist. These games can do so much more than just to entertain you. They can be used for therapy even. Doctors and psychologists would have to say that these games can help in one way or the other in the recovery of certain patients.

Sonic is the best way to end a day. Play Sonic games before sleeping and you won't have to deal with your day's stress. Play it on your free time during the day and compound the effect. Free Sonic games are both playable and can be downloaded over the internet so there's really no problem about getting your hands on them at all.

Luciano Figallo - Developer, webmaster and owner of several entertainment sites including music, video and gaming.
Do you want to play Mario games online? then visit Mario Games and find the funniest Free Mario Games on the net.

How to Get Your Action Replay DSi Started

The Action Replay DSi is a cheating device made by Datel for the Nintendo DSi console and all of its counterparts, including the DS, DS Lite and DSi XL. It allows you to access cheat options that would not be normally accessible in your games. The Action Replay is a cartridge that fits into the game card slot of your Nintendo DSi console. You can place Nintendo DS games into it and activate cheats that will be applied when you start the game using the Action Replay.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1

Turn off your Nintendo DSi and remove any games from the game card slot.


Insert the game you wish to use with the Action Replay into the game card slot on the top of the Action Replay cartridge.


Push the Action Replay cartridge into your Nintendo DSi’s game slot until it clicks into place. Press the “Power” button on your console to turn it on.


Tap the health and safety screen when it appears and wait for the DSi menu to load. Tap the game icon that appears on the DSi menu to start the Action Replay software.


Wait for the Action Replay menu to load. Do not remove the game card while the “Loading code list, please wait” text is displayed. Your Action Replay will be ready to use when the main menu appears on your DSi’s touch screen.

The game icon may appear different to the game inserted in your console. This is a consequence of the console’s security system and is completely normal.

Tap the “Power” button on your console to restart it if an error message appears when using the Action Replay.

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Top 5 RPG Games of All Time!

1. Final Fantasy VII

My favourite game of all time (yes over hyped these days with all the spin-offs) but I can not fault it. I love everything about it, I actually like the old chunky block graphics! I used to want a remake of this in HD but now I think no, leave it alone, it's a masterpiece already. As much as I would love to see it re-made I fear with the way Square are at the moment they may ruin it!

I am not saying I would not jump with excitement if they did remake it but I don't want them to ruin it, I do still play this game (I can't seem to stop) and I do go through the game imagining it in the graphics of Advent Children now which is why a remake would be good if they didn't change any of the story or combat! I actually think it would be great if they did add a little something to the remake, and that's the arena/side missions. I think if they added more to do there it would not ruin the game at all, just giving us something extra to do after the main story has being done (now I know there is a lot already but imagine being able to do more with the arena, imagine being able to go online with that and fight real people!). Anyways not going to say anymore about this game as I could literally type away for hours!

2. Xenogears

What to say about this game...It's just amazing end of! It's a little different from your normal RPG in terms of combat. It's got the basic RPG system there with a twist, it's a few button combinations in the combat. The only way I could describe it would be to say it's what a martial arts RPG would be like. You basically create attack combinations with the square, triangle and cross buttons with triangle being the weakest, square being medium strength and cross being the strongest.

Each attack takes up some points to perform with the weaker ones taking less points and the stronger ones taking more points. As you level up you get more points and you can build bigger combos. That is just the combat on foot! You also get to fight in Gears! these are mahoooosive (massive) robots that you can get in and pilot. This in itself is very fun as you almost feel like a god (or is that just me? haha). Unfortunately this game is un-released in the UK so a lot of people do not know about it unless you are a serious RPG fan. I highly recommended this game to everyone I talk to! I am always going on about it.

3. Chrono Trigger

A classic! Shame I didn't play it back then though. I recently played this on the DS and I loved every minute of it! The music is really good too, and I don't usually comment that much on the music of a game but this one was something else. I don't know how but it made me feel nostalgic and like I had played the game before (even though I had not!). It's got a great story and the gameplay is fantastic for old school RPG fans. All I can say is buy this little gem, you won't regret it!

4. White Knight Chronicles

This game is the best RPG this generation! Do not listen to the critics or any bad reviews about it. It's amazing, I would prefer the combat to be more like Dragon Quest or the older Final Fantasy Games however it's still great for what it is and the fact that it is an old school style RPG (i.e not too much action RPG). The best thing about this game is all the RPG elements it contains that RPGS this gen just do not have. It has an amazing gripping Storyline, it has TOWNS/SHOPS!! (Ok sorry I had to shout there because new RPGS this gen are seriously lacking in this and it just feels right having them!)

It's also got a nice customisation system which every RPG needs in my opinion. A good system backs up the game, if you are like me then in your RPG's you will love to be able to customise your characters and their skills/weapons. When I feel like I have the choice to this is when I love it. This game ticks everything an RPG should have in my opinion. Critics get away just because it's not doing anything new does not make it a bad game. It's doing what it should, Level 5 actually know what fans want, and they actually come through on this and provide it! I will continue to support Level 5 as every game I have played from them in the past few years has being nothing short of amazing!

5. Dragon Quest IX

This game looks absolutely terrible if you see the TV Advert. What on earth were they thinking! The advert showcases it as some stupid looking fashion gimmick! They show you some people changing the outfit of the characters and some random person is like "oh I like his shoes" blaa blaa blaa...If I was new to Dragon Quest and seen that I would be like "what the hell, this looks terrible" but I already know they are amazing games so I ignored the stupid advert. Haha now that the rant is out-of-the-way let's talk about the game more. Although this game in the series was meant to be aimed more at multiplayer it can be played solo and does work perfectly fine solo.

Honestly it felt just like a normal solo game to me because I never played it multiplayer once! I might of if I had the choice but usually I like to play my games alone. The only reason I never tried is due to my DS not being able to connect to my Wi-Fi as the Security is not supported by the DS (terrible!). This meant I missed out on a shop in the game that needed Wi-Fi too but nevermind. I am not going to faff about disabling my Wi-Fi Protection all the time just for that. Gameplay wise, it's like every other Dragon Quest...SIMPLE but WORKS! At the moment I can not get enough of Dragon Quest, I am absolutely loving them. I have just completed this one and have now started number VIII which I am also loving. The difference in this one is the visuals/graphics. This was not a port it was a brand new game and I must say the animation and graphics are great.

I love the effect when a fireball is shot at you and one of your characters block it with their shield! This looks so good, it's the first time I have noticed this but it looked better to me than some effects in HD games! Well these are my favourite so far, the list may change to a top ten soon. I used to be a big Square Enix fan as you can probably tell from the above list but as of late they have being terrible! Level 5 are currently my favourite RPG gods at the moment. White Knight Chronicles ticks every box an RPG should. It's a shame the critics hate on it because it's the only RPG this generation that I have really enjoyed. A few other games worth mentioning are Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia 1 and 2. Maybe they will make my top ten! Once I complete them I will let you all know!