Action Packed Flight Games

Flight games are packed with action and these games give the player control of a flying device. Your goal is to accomplish your mission safely and land with care. Do not to crash your plane, or let it get out of control.

The plane can be controlled using the number keys or you can also use your mouse to control it.

Additional powers like firing bullets or dropping bombs are also given to you and these differ with every game.

War games let you pilot a fighter plane and lots of enemy planes try to bring down your plane. Don't let them succeed and fly your plane with skill and shoot down any enemies that you encounter.

You must complete basic training to start playing in the battle field. As you advance, you will be given additional weapons and new features get unlocked.

You can also play other games. Like games in which you fly over an alien terrain and every passing alien tries to attack your plane. You can shoot at the alien planes to get past safely.

A unique flight game allows you to control a paper plane and fly the plane for the maximum distance possible. This game allows you to collect points along your journey and you can upgrade your flying device to get additional features.

Other flight games give you the power to control a hot air balloon and some allow you to fly a bird. Help the bird reach the south and kill all the enemies that it encounters along the way. You can also collect bonus items along the way and upgrade to a higher level.

Catapult games are very interesting and the player can position the character in a catapult and hurl it as high and far as possible. You can perform all the stunts you like and score more by collecting objects. Don't forget to release the parachute in order to avoid a crash landing.

These games have many different characters and you can choose a Santa Claus, or an animal or any other fun creature you like, to make the game even more interesting.

Flight games are suitable for children because they can be played easily by using the keyboard or even the mouse. The rules of the game are also simple and the player is given a single mission to complete. The graphics and colorful characters can keep children busy for hours flying planes, paper planes and other fun devices.

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Pac-Man - A Popular Arcade Game

Pac-Man is an arcade game that was designed by Namco and distributed by Midway in the United States in 1980. This game was a raging hit from the moment it was launched and its popularity continues to this day.

This was the first kind of game that was equally interesting to boys as well as girls. Due to this fact it has been credited to have created a landmark in the history of video games. It grossed over $2.5 billion in the 1990s.

The game revolves around the character known as Pac-Man. The player guides him through a maze, which is full of pellets. This character eats these pellets. After all pellets are eaten from the screen, the player advances to the next level.

There are four 'enemies' present within the maze. These are Blinky, Clyde, Inky, and Pinky. Even if one of these touches the character, the player loses a life out of the 3 lives given. If the player loses all three lives, the game ends. The player also has access to 4 power pellets which have the power of making Pac-Man invincible for a short duration.And during this period he can eat his enemies, and the enemies are blue in color. As the player advances in the game, the time period for which the enemies stay blue becomes shorter. Before the enemies turn back to their normal color they flash the color white and then become normal.

The enemies are generally called as ghosts or monsters. Although these seem to roam about the maze without any particular direction, they are strictly programmed. The red monster is programmed to chase Pac-Man, whereas the blue monster tries to position itself in front of his mouth. The pink monster behaves in a similar way. The orange enemy mostly chases him, but when he gets too close, it moves toward the left side of the maze.

This game was designed by a Namco employee and it took one year to complete along with a team of nine members. This game is based on the concept of eating and the Japanese name that was given to it is "Pakkuman". Initially it was called as Puck Man in English, but when it was chosen to be launched in the US, the name was changed from "Puck Man" to what it is called now to avoid misspelling and vulgarization of the word.

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Play Solitaire With a Logical Thinking

Solitaire is a game played with a deck of cards. It can be played by a group of people or a single individual. Many versions of this game have evolved, but its base idea remains the same. This game is referred to as Patience in France, Poland, England and Germany. Another well known version of Solitaire is Klondike.

This game involves a simple set of rules. If you are playing an online version of this game, you simply have to click the play button and this will generate a shuffled deck of cards arranged in the layout of a game of Solitaire. The player aims to build four stacks of cards, each containing one suit in the ascending order, that is, from ace to king. The home stack is where the user needs to start piling his stacks, starting from the ace. If an ace is not available you can simply go through the deck of cards available to you and pick an ace out. The lesser your moves, the more you score.

A time dependent scoring system is available for this game, and it is called Vegas. The time dependent scoring system makes the game more challenging. Amateur players could always opt for a time independent scoring system to play the game instead.

This game has received a lot of popularity, and in computers, it is available with the most basic installation of the operating system of Microsoft. The game interface is user friendly and even a person with a basic knowledge of Windows could handle a game of Solitaire without any difficulty.

Many variations of this game have emerged and some examples are Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire. Playing a game of Solitaire requires logical thinking, and planning ahead a few moves in order to avoid getting stuck in a deadlock. You can undo your moves in case you are caught in a deadlock but this will deduct points from your score. An element of chance is also involved in this game.

This is a very enjoyable game and you will definitely want to repeat play after you get the hang of it. It is a wonderful way to unwind and relax. It also can be played on any occasion, like a family reunion, a picnic. You could also play it all by yourself. It is a wonderful recreational tool and helps in sharpening problem-solving skills, and thus hones your ability to make calculating moves even in real life.

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Magic, The Gathering Online

A widely popular trading card game, Magic the Gathering is now available as an online game that offers players from beginners to season the opportunity to branch out of their normal playing zone and find different opponents with various levels of experience to pit their knowledge and their cards against.

The Great Things you Can do Online

The website is designed to be user-friendly to all levels of players and contains a wealth of information about the game and the cards as well as broadening the playing experience by making opponents from just about anywhere, anytime you want to play, accessible. You and your friends can play each other or branch out, and there are plenty of tournaments and contests to participate in. With a digital deck of cards you can play with your favorites, find new favorites or fine tune the cards you like best with an online card editor. There is a magic card database as well as plenty of forums to answer any questions about the cards or the game play itself. You can become quite the expert with the plethora of information and tips if you take the time to read the how-to guides, player's contributions on the forums and card explanations.

Easy to Use

Magic, The Gathering online is fun and easy to use. Simply follow the instructions offered when you go to create an account and you will be up and playing in no time. First, you need to download the free software, and then create your account and you are ready to enjoy all the benefits and hours of entertainment from being online with such an enjoyed game with so many followers. Build your deck to your liking, trade your cards with others players, or visit the online store to purchase all of your game playing needs.

Online vs. Traditional Play

Online, Magic, The Gathering experience has so much to offer but there are still some things to consider that may make you want to stick to the traditional card trading / dueling game or at the very least keep that option open. For one, you don't physically have cards in hand. This factor can go either way though, as the collectors would see it as a drawback but for a kid who may tend to lose or damage his cards it can be a plus. It is a personal decision which form of the game you like better and which suits your needs. You may find that continuing the traditional game play and refining your real world deck gives you an advantage in Magic The Gathering online or that the online version benefits your traditional play skills.

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All The News About the PS VITA

In the past two weeks the newest handheld of the eight generation of gaming has arrived. The Playstation Vita made its debut in late February to North American markets and has quickly proven to be a title that can compete with the Nintendo 3DS for the market share of handhold gaming. As Playstation and Nintendo are the only two franchises that currently have handheld gaming consoles, the PS VITA will be the flagship of Playstation's attempt to dominate the handhold niche. With the processing power of the Playstation 2 console in a pocket-sized shell, it is great for gamers who have a few minutes (or hours) to kill.

Similar in look and feel to its predecessor the Playstation Portable (or PSP), the Vita uses two analog sticks, geometric buttons, and a direction pad like the controller of a normal Playstation, all sandwiched around the central display. Unlike previous models, however, this unit is capable of touchscreen interface as well as Wi-Fi connections. The Playstation Vita Wi-Fi not only can run specific apps in the same sense as a smartphone, but can also download e-books and programs used on netbooks. Unlike Nintendo's 3DS, the Vita has been aggressively marketed as much more than a video game player.

The most interesting feature of the Vita may be that it runs an entirely new operating system. The traditional interface of Playstation products has been updated with a touchscreen system called LiveArea, allowing users to check out various programs for games, web browsing, photos, music, the Playstation Store (where apps can be purchased), and any friends playing online. While there are some limitations to the Vita web browser -- it cannot run Adobe Flash, the program that YouTube videos are played on -- it can nevertheless give Internet access that rivals the connections of iPhones or Androids. The most popular apps are similar to those of smart phones: social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter, are all available free of charge, while sites like Wikipedia charge only a small fee.

With nearly three dozen titles available on launch, along with dozens of download-only titles. The highly anticipated forth chapter in the Uncharted series, Golden Abyss, has been released as a Vita exclusive, while the third installment of Assassin's Creed, the Brotherhood game, is sold in some packages with the console itself. The Vita is also backwards-compatible with PSP titles, allowing players to go through their library of old games on a new machine.

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Magic, the Gathering Game Offers Great Entertainment

Magic, the Gathering is a game that involves cards much like many card trading games of the past. The game is fun to play for kids and the cards are fun to collect, each card having a different character, different attributes and different points and abilities.

The Game

The game itself is fairly basic but can get confusing when considering all the elements and characters and trying to add up points. Basically you have a deck of cards that contains different characters, monsters, magicians etc. each assigned a point value as well as other points for strength, magic and health. The game consists of pitting one deck of cards against another one at a time to get the best and then assume ownership of the card into your own deck. It has become quite a past time for all age groups and can provide hours of entertainment that isn't computer related.

Play Online

For novices and seasoned gamers alike, there is now the Magic, the Gathering online site that allows you to build a deck and battle other players right on your computer. Full of great tips and tricks and how-to guides, it has become as popular as the actual cards although you are only collecting them in cyber space rather than physically. Online allows for more people to get involved that might not have money to spend on cards and allows for greater playing freedom with a wider group of people. There are forums and events that one can spend their time perusing when they aren't actually playing and a wealth of information on how to get the best of your opponents and create the best and fullest deck possible.

Fantasy is appealing

Based on fantasy characters, creatures and magic beings, the game appeals to all age groups for a variety of reasons. Collectors look for certain cards that by their specific attributes are the hardest cards to obtain as well as the most fantastic of creatures and magical beings. A coveted card can be worth trading for money or for several other lesser cards that might be needed to complete a deck. Fantasy has always been appealing and a good go to source for creators of games, especially in the card trading category and Magic, the Gathering does not disappoint in its fantasy appeal.

A New Twist on an old Favorite

Magic, the Gathering is a new twist on an old favorite in games that involve cards and trading. The characters are fun and fantastic and the cards are colorful and collectible. Much like its predecessors, the game itself has quite a following and provides much to talk about, as well as hours of entertainment.

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A Gathering of Magical Cards

One of the first and oldest collectable card games is Magic The Gathering. It was developed by a mathematical professor and introduced to the world in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Regardless the advances of technology and the many trading card games that have come after it, as well as video games, Magic remains one of the most very popular magic based games.

A Rare Multiversity

The trading card game that Magic offers is set around the initialisation of a virtual economy and is usually a two player turn based game, but more players can join. The usual two opponents pretend to be wizards and are referred to as 'planes walkers'. Starting with initial points of twenty-five, the players deal out cards and use them to attack each other based on the values that the cards hold. In this way players can earn points, or lose them all depending on the interactions of the information and values of the cards. Once one of the players loses all their points, the game is over. This type of game play was very popular in the nineties, especially as school yard game and continues to be played today online and at gatherings by players of all ages.

A World Wide Phenomenon

From the first appearance of the Magic The Gathering in the earliest developments in the night times, it has had many new versions, additional cards and playable strategies added to the game and Magic continues to thrive and entertain countless of fans. It is a thought-provoking card game, whether played online or in the traditional sense of hand-held cards and has sprung many mini competitions, tournaments and even a championship. A worldwide popular system has been developed to ensure that all the different cards that are available have various degrees of rarity as well as regulations that make it a game that cannot be played just randomly hand, but one that takes skill and practice and well as intense thought and strategy to win, thus adding to its sort after enthusiasm and popularity.

Remaining Popular

This strategy based and very popular trading card game has been seen played in schools, at special gatherings, tournaments and online and it will continue to do so as its developers continue to shape and add to the design and collectability of Magic The Gathering and it will not disappear in a cloud of smoke any time soon.

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Magic The Gathering - Tactics

A world premier and extremely popular trading card game, Magic The Gathering, is now available as a PC game that brings the magic and color and one on one dueling to stunning 3D for the first time, giving hours of enjoyment to game veterans and new players alike. The card game has been around for quite some time and similar to many like it in the past is widely popular with kids and collectors alike. The cards are depictions of characters with descriptions and points and attributes on each card. There are certain cards that have become the brass ring for their beauty as well as their difficulty in obtaining, similar to games of the past that have intrigued fantasy fans, card players and collectors alike.

Tactics is a whole New Way to Play

Bringing Magic The Gathering to life in fully realized 3-D game play that incorporates the spells and characters and strengths of the cards into fun, interactive, tactic style play, the PC game changes the whole look and premise of Magic The Gathering as just a trading card game. The cards themselves become, rather than the center of the game play, more of an accessory to the game, as you battle online with brought to life action characters that perform the way you want them to in a bright colorful fantasy world full of magic and mystical beings. You can play as a single player in battle with another character or take it online and join in battle with legions of other players. Play is free and instead of taking away from the original game, adds to its popularity and following.

It Keeps Getting Better

The original game was designed to be a trading card game and attracted a huge following of kids and collectors alike that coveted the cards and played for bragging rights to the best and strongest card. With the addition of being able to play online and now the Tactics game the whole Magic The Gathering experience just keeps getting better. The interest in the game is kept at the forefront with each new additional way to play. While there may be some dissension in the ranks of seasoned players that the online games change the whole premise, by adding them the game continues to attract more and more followers and become even more popular with the possibility to be around for a lot longer than if it had just remained a trading card game alone. Many card games of the past have not weathered the test of time but Magic The Gathering just keeps on getting better.

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5 Educational Video Games You Can Play With The Entire Family

Video games don't have to be mindless entertainment. It's now possible to play video games for learning on your TV or on your PC or laptop with the kids. Below are some of the truly cool educational video games on the market today:

1. Tropical Fish Shop - This game lets players be the owner of a tropical aquarium shop. You're tasked with rescuing fish from polluted waters and providing them a good home until someone comes along to adopt them. This game teaches children some of the responsibilities of pet ownership as well as a little bit about taking care of the environment and even some financial sense with the business game aspect.

2. Roads of Rome 3 - This is a real time strategy type game that plays a lot like the Civilization series of games which puts you in the role of a Roman emperor trying to defend your culture from being invaded. Even though it's not historically accurate in all details, this game gives kids insights into how cities used to be constructed and defended and, sometimes, even destroyed.

3. The Three Musketeers - This is a fun game which gets kids into the world of classical literature. This game is packed with fun, combining sword fighting, puzzles, card games, exploration and mystery gaming elements into one expansive package that has you racing up and down the countryside to complete your quest.

4. Secrets of the Vatican - While firmly rooted in the same sort of fantasy as The Da Vinci Code, Secrets of the Vatican also plays off the same actual historical facts as that book and movie, sending players all over the world to pick up pieces of the Holy Lance. You'll be going all over the world to pick up clues and pieces of what's called the Holy Lance and teaches players about geography, world history and actually about the arts as well. Definitely a fun way to kick-start a child's interest in fine culture.

5. Macabre Mysteries- Although it may seem like this game is mere shallow entertainment, it actually pushes those playing to use some critical thinking skills. By challenging you to solve a series of murder mysteries, this game pushes you into a corner that you can only get out of by using your brain. While not educational in the traditional sense of teaching kids facts you will want them to know like other video games for learning, Macabre Mysteries teaches vital learning habits that will come in handy later in life.

These educational video games should serve as evidence enough that video games can be challenging to the brain as well as to the thumbs and the reflexes. This is actually gaming at its best providing real mental challenges as well as being educational on many levels.

With all of the game options available with Blockbuster game channels, Wilbert Haands knows there's something for everyone. Now that DISH has teamed up with Blockbuster video, everyone can enjoy games and online movies.

Game Strategies: Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering is an interactive trading card game. Most of the gamers who play the game benefit from specific rules and strategies. Since Magic the Gathering is a tactical game, winning requires you to master these strategies well. Some of these strategies are as follows:

Destroy Your Opponent's Armies

This one is the major objective of Magic the Gathering where you need to go for destructing your opponent's life by destroying his/her entire army.

In general, when you start the game each one of the gamers begin with a Planeswalker. A Planeswalker is nothing but a spell caster standing back as well as casting spells on the cards in play. The players have access to a range of other resources as the game proceeds. For instance, an entire deck of cards is accessible to each of the players for which they need not wait patiently to draw cards and become dependent on whether or not they get a lucky hand. So the only thing you need to concentrate on is to head on with a correct start and call in creatures that cast dangerous spells.

The known creatures you see in the game

Once you start playing Magic the Gathering, your will meet quite a few familiar creatures. Moreover, the screen of your monitor will become alive as they will transform into amazing three-dimensional animations. While playing the demo version of this game, you would be able to locate the Serra Angel, which can be summoned to unleash chaos in your opponent's camp.

Battle Strategies

Your next step is to determine battle strategies in the game. Mostly, you can engage in combat in turns in the game while the summoned creatures will also have their turn to engage in. You will be able to cast dangerous spells as well as call in help from each of the creatures in your camp. A player can keep on summoning his/her creatures from the deck as long as s/he has the cards and mana in the deck. Your creatures can take part in diverse actions as they turn. These creatures have mobility across the battlefield, charge on the enemy even in a close range or utilize their respective special powers to initiate an attack.

Constructing a Player's Deck

If you want to win big in your game, utilizing the strategies towards constructing a strong deck will be a factor to take under consideration. A gamer can build his/her deck in close vicinity and surrounding unique colours i.e. red, blue etc. to ensure accessibility to vital resources, which are imperative as winning tools.

However, as you play the game, you would yet be constrained to a particular number of cards, which in their turn would be limited subject to the number of cards you possess. You are free to have 5 varieties of creatures and 5 different types of spells to match with the number of cards in your possession in the deck.

In a nutshell, you are free to customize each and every strategy of the game. You can choose the appearance of your Planeswalker, your desk and find out any unique combination of tactics that would ensure that you would win with a huge difference in Magic the Gathering.

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Mahjong: Then and Now

What is Mahjong? Well, many must be familiar with this term. Every game-loving person would certainly know what exactly it is. It is nothing, but a game that originated in China. Sometimes, it also gets classified in the domino games' category. If you are four in number, and getting bored, you can surely play this game at any of the online gaming sites.The table game should bear no resemblance with the newly invented solitaire type, which is a tile matching single player game played in PC. This Chinese game is similar to rummy, a card game; it requires extreme skill, calculation and strategy. In Asia, this game is given the name "gambling game."

Mahjong tile game consists of 136 tiles having Chinese symbols and characters. However, the number of tiles may vary according to regions. In general, the game starts by giving every player 13 tiles. In return, the players draw as well as discard tiles, unless a legal hand is completed. Are you wondering what a legal hand is? A legal hand is nothing, but a winning hand comprising of 14 tiles; this can be achieved either by picking it from the wall (win from the wall), or by stealing it while a player has discarded a tile that was needed for completing a legal hand (win by a discard). It is with the 14th won tile with which the player forms melds (4 groups) and head (a pair).

Today, Mahjong's characteristics of players and popularity differ globally; it is more popular in the Asian countries compared to western countries. The popularity of Mahjong is evident from the proven fact in 2010, that it is the most populous table game played in Japan. Many devotees of this tile game feel that its popularity is decreasing day by day, and efforts are being taken for reviving it. The fact that this game's culture has its root in China can never be forgotten. Even today, many Hong Kong movies portray this game in certain scenes.

We should never ignore the research, which states that Mahjong causes epileptic seizures if played for a prolonged period of time, similar to various other games, including, chess, card games, checkers and Mastermind. However, there are just 23 cases reported in the medical literature, which were caused by playing this game. This is not an exclusion criterion for playing this wonderful game. People prefer this game, whether it was in the past or present. It was popular both then, and now.

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Keep Your Kids Captivated With Dora Games

Dora, the explorer is a character from the American cartoon series which is aired on television. She is an eight year old who loves adventures and shares these with her beloved monkey, Boots. Swiper is another character of this show and is portrayed as a mean fox who swipes other people's belongings. Dora also has a magical back pack that always stocks the things she requires to complete her adventures. Her map which guides her is also placed within this bag.This animated program is of an educational nature and helps children learn new things.

Dora sets out on a trip in every episode and she interacts with her audience and seeks their assistance as she explores new places. She introduces her audience to Spanish language and teaches those numbers and phrases. Dora is portrayed as a cheerful girl having a sweet nature; she displays strong family values and loves them. She expresses her love for her monkey openly and teaches him new things. Dora also loves playing her wooden flute and she also participates in sports actively. She has been shown playing baseball and soccer.

Dora the Explorer series is also aired in other languages depending on the country in which it is being aired. Kids who love watching the Dora series are generally influenced by the lessons Dora teaches subtly and tend to be more receptive to products that feature Dora and that's why educational games that revolve around her will be easily accepted by them. These games are developed in a way that incorporates education with entertainment and can keep children preoccupied for hours as they guide Dora through her exciting adventures.

Many websites have online games that feature Dora, and these do not require any downloading of content. These games help children to concentrate and pay attention and assist in improving their attention span. As the kids are actively involved in the adventures of Dora, this helps in building up their excitement and keeps them busy with the game. By playing these games children can learn new shapes, different colors and can learn how to differentiate between things. They can improve their vocabulary by learning the names of different objects that Dora uses in her adventures.

These games take children through different settings, like some of the games use enchanted forests as their theme, while others may be set up in a farm. The various settings expose children to new environments and give them knowledge about interesting things. These adventures are shared by Boots too and kids also get a chance to use Dora's magic back pack. Puzzle games featuring Dora are also a hit with children as they learn how to piece together their favorite character.

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My Girlfriend Is Now an XBOX Widow

I have been a bit of a gamer for as long as I can remember. I'm talking far back... back to the 80's and a Commodore 64 that required a long wait for the mere loading of games off of a floppy disk (remember those?) or much worse, from a cassette tape. In the 90s I would go over to my friends' houses to play the original Nintendo until I one-upped them with a Super Nintendo that I got for Christmas from my parents. That was later pushed aside by the first console I ever bought for myself; the coveted Nintendo 64. In the year 2000, the world survived the millennium bug and the Playstation 2 was released. There was just no way I could go without having one of those! Then Microsoft jumped on board and began production of the XBOX so it was adios PS2. The next logical progression from there was the Xbox 360...and that brings us up to date.

I had only had the Xbox 360 a year and a half when it showed ill fated signs of the dreaded 'red ring of death'! For those who are not in the know, that basically meant your XBOX was experiencing a general error and that if it turned out to be irreparable and out of warranty then it meant saying bye-bye to your gaming console. Unfortunately, my console was among those considered not worthy of a repair. I had been playing it less and less, and just decided to retire it. I didn't really make a big deal out of it; I was more concerned about watching movies on the console than playing games on it. Besides, considering the time and money I've spent on consoles over the years, it was probably for the best.

Everything was going just great. I was busy with work and I had met a great new girl so video games were really the last thing on my mind. I had a few friends that had started playing Battlefield III online and told me that I should get involved and be a part of their platoon. But that was not enough to change my mind. It wasn't until I saw a trailer for Skyrim at the cinema that I knew I might be in a bit of trouble. At first I thought it was just a movie trailer, and then I saw the "now on Xbox 360" message at the bottom of the viewing screen. I was overwhelmed! Even my girlfriend, who was sitting next to me at the time, said "Wow that looks epic". What else could I do except take the plunge and purchase a new console? I went down to my local gaming store during the week, bought an Xbox 360, a few games including Battlefield III and Skyrim, a nice headset for chatting with my friends, and an XBOX Live subscription. It was a fair sized bundle which cost me nearly a thousand dollars but it was totally worth it! Or so I thought?

I warned my partner that this might be last time she would see me for a few months. She thought that I was joking and at the time I thought I was joking too, but after some time passed, I actually started to worry. I would occasionally check the clock which is located on the menu of the console, and discover I had spent the entire day doing nothing but play games to level up! I tried to convince myself it was justifiable; I told myself, "hey you work hard, you did go to the gym to work out a little this week, so you should not feel guilty about some game time." But then I considered what I could have accomplished elsewhere in the same amount of time and it actually made me feel a little depressed. I could have done a little more work, something that I actually get paid for? I could have used the time to produce new content for my blog. But, there I was, with nothing to show for all that time spent but some Skyrim dragon bones, and a rank of sergeant in Battlefield III.

Apart from being unproductive I also realised that I was neglecting more important things. If I were halfway through a new level, I would neglect doing necessary chores so I could play on in the game. I would also miss out on catch up time with my friends thanks to staying up so late playing games the night before, leaving me too tired or without any desire to go anywhere. But worst of all I wasn't giving my partner the time and attention that she deserved. I am fortunate in that my girlfriend enjoys playing games too; while I battle Skyrim dragons, she fiddles around with her Sims characters. But I realized how awful I had behaved when she needed a favor or something; little things like taking out the trash or helping with dinner or something, I would place the game above everything else, even tho I could have paused it at any time.

The Solution

In moderation, gaming is a great way to relieve stress. It gives you a chance to leave real life behind for a while and be the marine, the dragon slayer, the hero. There are no deadlines, no meetings, and no office politics. The big keyword is 'moderation'. How much time in front of your games is too much time? The answer to that depends on your unique situation. If you are involved in a relationship, then how much time you should spend gaming should be discussed with your partner. You have to compromise and arrive at a solution that is acceptable for everyone involved. How about playing just a few times a week for a few hours at a time? If you play games with your friends online, maybe have a night designated for games with your mates and make sure your partner knows about it in advance. Your partner must understand that your game playing time is important to you; it helps you unwind and destress. But you can still let them know you care about and appreciate them with a night out occasionally or spending one on one time with them.

For most of us playing games is just a hobby like woodworking or stamp collecting but for others a gaming addiction can be a serious problem. How do you know if you are a gaming addict? If you respond with a "yes" to any of the following questions, you might have a bigger gaming problem than you realise.

When you aren't playing games are you still constantly thinking about them?Do you need to spend more time playing games to get the same level of satisfaction you used to from just a few hours?It is a challenge for you to put down the game controller?Do you become agitated and irritable when you are unable to play games?Do you lie to you friends and family about the time you spend playing games?

Fortunately there is help available. You can start by talking with friends and family, but if that is uncomfortable for you, there are actually clinics and centres that offer assistance similar to that for alcohol or drug abuse. Many times, playing games is simply a way to avoid dealing and coping with other problems.

We have all been in a rut, locked in a pattern of circumstances that we can't seem to get out of. Sometimes, those circumstances change by themselves, but more often we need to take action to ensure that we don't become stuck in a rut. We aim to help you get out of a rut knowing they can affect any facet of life.

The Adventurous Tarzan Games

Tarzan is a fictional character who has been brought up by a family of apes. The story is set in the 19th century, and survivors of a drowning ship land in the forests of Africa. The surviving couple has a young son, and they construct a tree house to shelter themselves. But unfortunately a leopardess attacks the couple and kills them. The sole survivor, the infant is then rescued by a young female gorilla, which adopts him and names him Tarzan.

Many games featuring Tarzan have been developed and these interesting games will provide you hours of fun.

The games allow you to control Tarzan using the number keys on the keyboard and some additional features can be used via the space bar.

Adventure Tarzan games feature Tarzan in the middle of the jungle and you must guide him through the jungle. The player is given three lives and you lose a life if Tarzan falls into the water or gets eaten by some animal. The health status of Tarzan is also shown by a bar, which grows shorter each time Tarzan gets hurt.

Tarzan puzzles are fun and you get a list of items which you need to find on the screen. The items are subtly hidden and require concentration, in order to find them all within the given time.

In some games, Tarzan is given a simple weapon like a boomerang with which to defend himself while completing his adventure. Collect objects like fruits to get bonus points and kill all the enemies you encounter.

Other Tarzan games have interesting puzzles, like jigsaw puzzles, and you are given the pieces which you must arrange correctly in order to obtain the original picture.

Coloring games are also there and these are suitable even for young children. You are given a plain picture and can transform it using the different colors available. Many characters from the Tarzan cartoon are given and you can choose your favorite one and bring it to life.

Lots of other exciting Tarzan games are also available and you can have a battle with the leopard which killed Tarzan's parents. Kick and punch and unleash your fury to win the game.

Dress-up games are very cool and you can check out Tarzan in different avatars. Some games also allow you to dress up other characters of the cartoon. And you can spend hours trying out different hairstyles, clothes and accessories.

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More Games With Mahjong

Mahjong Titans is a very simple kind of Mahjong Solitaire that can be played by a single individual.

A player can select from six different layouts available and these include: Spider, crab, cat, turtle, dragon, and fortress. Every layout has a different difficulty level, so choose a layout based on your experience in playing the game.

The aim of the game is simple; to remove pairs of identical tiles from the board. In order to win the game not a single tile must remain on the board.

A game of Mahjong Titans can be easily played with a little experience. This game helps in improving your analytical thinking as the player must plan his moves and play according to the plan. Playing the game haphazardly, results in a deadlock, without further moves. In order to avoid this, the player must think of the next moves he can make.

In order to clear a pair of tiles from the board, you must match one tile with another identical tile. Some games allow you to ask the computer for a hint. Once you get the hint, which is shown by two identical tiles which flash, you can proceed. But be careful, as the move suggested by the computer may not be the best move you can make and in some cases, asking for a hint causes you to lose points. Only a few games allow you to ask for a hint without deduction of points and in such games you can continue playing, even if you don't want to use your mind, by asking for hints.

Some games also permit you to save the game and resume playing later when you are free. In this way you can complete your game whenever its convenient for you.

You can also customize the game based on your preference, like you can change the background, the sound effect and other things.

This game is suitable for all age groups because of the simple rules it has. It requires strategic and analytic thinking on the part of the player.

Several benefits of Mahjong have been proven from research. Mahjong has been linked with slowing down the aging process and a significant improvement has been observed in patients suffering from dementia. It sharpens the cognitive abilities and accelerates the development of cognitive skills in children.

One has to make calculated moves and decision-making skills are also sharpened. It also helps in improving a person's memory.

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Experience Fun, Excitement and Adventure With a Motocross Game

Motocross offers thrill and adventure to all those who love motor cycle sports. This sport originated in the Great Britain. In the beginning off road racing motorcycles were used and these didn't differ a lot when compared to regular motorcycles. Initially rigid frames were used for the motorcycles and then suspensions started being used in the 1930s, though the swinging fork suspension didn't appear until the 50s.Yamaha is the first company which came up with a bike specially designed for motocross.

Major competitions are held for motocross and other sports have also been derived from it. Supermoto, freestyle, supercross and sidecars are just a few of them.

The Swedish Motocross Champion Torsten Hallman, organized an exhibition of motorcycles and introduced this sport to the USA in 1966. And slowly Americans started winning titles in this European dominated field.

A lot of brands are now competing in motocross and these include the Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki to name just a few. All of them have their own unique technology which they use in competing in the race. As newer technologies are appearing in the market, the sport is dominated by different motorcycle manufacturers and this influences the winning factor heavily. As modern technology is being incorporated into these bikes, the comfort and thrill that can be enjoyed by the riders is even greater.

With the advent of the internet, users can also participate in this sport online and this is suitable for game buffs and those who cannot meet the physical exertion that this sport demands. Many websites allow their users to play the game online, using a flash player, and so without the need to download the game on your computer. The player can select different outfits and play the game, and the bike can be controlled using your keyboard. Once the player passes a level, he can advance to the next level; users must exercise a degree of composure in order to complete the required laps to proceed to the next level. If the player completes a level, he can unlock a special bike and enjoy a better riding experience.

Players also have the option of choosing from the many variations available. Some games allow users to select different kinds of bikes with additional features and powerful engines. Users can select the bike based on the track they choose, different tracks are available to players, like dirt tracks or sand tracks, and the selected bike is more suitable to run in the specific environment and offers better performance and thus more enjoyment for the users.

Players can also perform a number of neat tricks and stunts and they also have an option of selecting different characters as the rider of the bike. Female as well as male characters are present, and in addition to this, mutant characters, dinosaurs, elves and other mystical creatures can also be selected as the riders of your bike.

Players can get strained after playing for long hours with maximum concentration, so it's always best to choose a comfortable position and play in a relaxed manner so that you can enjoy the game and not suffer from any adverse effects.

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Enjoying What Tank Games Have to Offer

Gaming has emerged as one of the leading applications on computers. Persons who love gaming have in the recent past found themselves with quite an array to choose from. One of the best game-plays that one would want to play is the tank games. This game, like many others, has various sub-types from which one can choose to play. Most tank games involve shooting and destroying of opponents tanks. They require the player to take into consideration various factors including speed of wind, terrain of game play, characters, and weapons knowledge. The player should also know when a weapon upgrade is required. Upgrade involves purchasing of sophisticated weapons which include items like teleports, repair equipment and air assistance.

So, what makes them interesting?

Generally, there are a number of features that make this game one everyone would wish to play. A few of these features are described below:

1. The main aim of playing the game is to find enjoyment. This is guaranteed with tank games. As one navigates through the terrains and encounters the enemy, one cannot help but feel excited at how interesting it is to finish off the enemies or to be finished when one least expects.

2. Other than enjoyment, is adventure? The terrains, deserts, forests as well as the mountainous landscape, gives one an idea of what it takes to be in a battle field. Additionally, as one moves from one level to another, they encounter new things and as such go through an adventure worth the time.

3. The challenge is also one of the things that make the game interesting to play. Most tank games offer an opportunity to define the kind of challenge one wants to encounter. One can choose the number and types of opponents to activate. As levels go up, more and more tough challenges are encountered giving one a sense of achievement upon completion of a level.

4. The appearance is also one of the interesting features one may want to encounter. With tank games, one is able to select the color of the tank to use and hence generate the kind of view they like.

Generally, these are just amongst the few things that will make one enjoy tank games to the extreme. Those who have not tried it, are no doubt missing something that could make them feel relaxed and happy. Generally, the games are the ideal challenge one may want to ward off boredom.

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